Saturday, January 31, 2009

A truly fun time

Friday night was a first for Jim and I.... tasting wines paired with foods. We recently joined Water 2 Wine which is a company that purchases grapes from wineries all over the world, then makes their own wine using those grapes. I'm still not 100% sure how they do it, but what I do know is that the wines are tasty. They offer 5 free tastings every time you go into their location, and you can choose from any wines that they carry (which is around 30 or so bottles I think). We ended up joining their wine club which entitles their members to receive 2 free bottles of wine a month (they choose), a free glass of wine each month, and discounts off of bottles of wine. You can cancel at any time, so we thought we would try it out.

Friday night was a special event where the wine club members were able to taste 7 new wines. What made it totally cool, in my opinion, is that each wine was paired with a food that would enhance the wine's taste. For example we had a Reisling that was paired with plums and cheese. The wine was good on it's own, but once it was paired with the plums it was something totally different. We had roasted pork with raspberry chipotle sauce, brisket with BBQ sauce, sushi, plums, cheese, and a couple types of chocolate. There was a red wine that was fantastic with the chocolate but only "okay" without the chocolate.

Along with the wine and the food pairings we also had to rate the wines. Ummm.. yeah.... I usually rate by "good" and "very good". I did my best to rate the wines. I am really glad that we decided to attend this event, and I'm looking forward to the next event!

Our wine rating sheet, that also explained the different types of flavors we should taste in the wine and what foods would pair up with the wine.

I was so surprised by the food, that I only took one picture of our wine :)

The sushi was pretty bad, but over all the food was really good.

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