Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh... you know what is coming around the corner, a new year. And with a new year, typically comes new resolutions.  I could say...I'm going to be a better blogger, but I'm not going to say that.  If it happens, great... if not, I'm not losing any sleep over it.  I am constantly trying new recipes, going to new places, attempting to be crafty and of course always taking pictures.  So it's not like I don't have things to share with you guys it is a time thing.  By the time I get home from work, get dinner ready, clean up a bit... I'm tired and just want to veg in front of the TV or play with our zoo.

Anyway... enough of my bitching :)  Time to pull up my big girl panties and get ready to go into workout mode again.  I did SO DAMN GOOD this summer (resulting in weight loss around 9 pounds) with working out and eating right.  However, this fall is another story. The wheels fell off and I stopped running and then my eating started to take a nose dive.  After this summer, I know weight loss can happen and it can happen relatively easy... Just need to man up and do it.

I came across this exercise chart on Pintrest and know that working out the core is important.  There aren't many instructions to the pictures, but it's enough to get me started.  Right after I put down my White Russian ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mike and Erin's wedding

This year we had 3 weddings to attend, and this was the last of those weddings.  This was the beautiful wedding of Mike and Erin.  The venue was gorgeous!  It is called Villa Antonia and it is located in Jonestown.  It is a bit of a drive (about 30 min from our house) but I can understand why they chose this venue, lots of great open space surrounded by the hill country.

Here we are (and thanks to Jason for the photo bomb) waiting for the ceremony.  The ceremony was delayed thanks to the Hummer Limo driving the guys bottoming out during a u-turn and breaking the limo.  Thankfully the guys were close to the venue so a couple of guys went to pick them up.  

Erin and Mike

Jim took this picture of Tammy... love it!

Tiffany, Lindsay, me, Tammy, Ashley and Magen

Jim, Chris, Jason, Nick and Eric

girls and boys combined

Some of the wedding party waiting on the professional pictures to finish up

Ashley, me and Lindsay

The husbands of the girls

gotta have a funny photo... don't want a bunch of staged pictures :)

Vannessa and Matt

Chris, Julie, Chris and Madelyn

Vanessa and I with the beautiful bride and groom

Getting her groove on

Tracy, Cara, Stephanie, Erin and some random (really have no idea who she is) but the girls I named went to the bachelorette party and they are all so much fun :)

Vanessa, Tiffany, Tammy and I

Getting out dance on

Jim, Erin and I

Great picture of Chris and Lindsay

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Boos!

It's been awhile since you guys have seen my babies!  The kittens are now 10 months old and I think they might be still growing.  They are adorable and fit in with our family perfectly.



My distinguished poo-pa



Love when they all hang out together

Jelly enjoying laying on the laundry

Another pic of the kids hanging out together

Slinky figured out how to get up on the back window ledge

Mama's Visit

My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago.  We LOVE when she comes to visit :) We always have a great time.... some times we just hang at home... we eat out.... we go shopping.... we watch football... we laugh a lot!  This visit was filled with rain so we didn't get to do a few things that we wanted to like visit a new Farmers Market, go garage sale shopping, and get country side photos for her friend.  We made the best of our time together and I completely  cherish each and every minute that we spend together.

Here is Slinky checking out Chewie on the couch.... he looks so long! 
Confirms my suspicion that he is part Puma

Mom and I went driving through the Hill Country one day.  We stopped in Wimberly and visited a few thrift shops and ate at a restaurant that I have heard great things about.  The Leaning Pear lived up to its reputation... delicious food!

We all went out to dinner at South Congress Cafe one night.  It has been years since we have been there and now we regret it has been so long. Our food was delicious and service was great.  Here is Jimmy the ham

Mommy and Me

Mom and her blackberry mojito.  That drink was delicious

A couple doors down from the restaurant was a store called Big Top Candy (hmmmm.. or at least I think that was the name).  They had so many types of candy.. new and old!  We all picked a few different things to munch on.  If you have any type of sweet tooth then you need to go and check it out!

After dinner we had tickets to go watch a show at the Long Center.  It was done by Blue Lapis which is a local dance company.  The most amazing dancers used the silk ropes to dance off of the outside pillars.  Those dancers were AMAZING. I wish I had a picture to show you but there was a warning before the show saying not to take pictures and both Jim and Mom looked at me when the announcement was made. Pfft. Whateva :)

I want new side tables and coffee table so mom and I went shopping.  There is a new consignment shop near the house so we checked it out.  Anybody want a big orange metal bull with mom's boogies on the horn? :) 

Our original plan was to visit another BBQ place in town but they sold out of BBQ before we got there so we headed over to Franklin's BBQ.  They are a brick and mortar store versus the trailer we tried to go to.  We waited in line for about an hour and was told we might not get ribs, but we decided to wait on.  

We just made it in! 

Just looking at this photo makes me hungry

After our meat coma we headed home to play with the pups

Mom the cat lady with Jelly on her lap :)

Mom showing me her exercises her personal trainer, Nick, showed her how to do. 

Mom with Chewie and Abbey