Friday, January 16, 2009

I bet your Friday night was more interesting than mine.....

Last night was spent ripping out our celiling in our laundry room. We have already ripped down the walls (as you can see in the first picture) and now it is time for the celiling. Our ceiling has a couple of cracks in it (yay for older homes) so this was the perfect opportunity to re-do it. We are lucky enough to have Jim's dad helping us today putting dry wall on the celiling and the walls.... hence why we ripped it out last night. I didn't want to do it to early because I feared what we would see once we ripped the celing out (nothing really except for a lot of insulation and some dead bugs).

Don't mess with me! :) Drywall,,, I'm coming after YOU
Jimmy and his tools ready to bring the pain to our ceiling
This was after just a few good whacks to the ceiling... it was kind of fun to beat on it a great stress reliever
We blocked off the 3 entrances to the laundry room to try to stop the gross stuff from spreading through the house. It was working well until a piece of drywall ripped it when it fell from the ceiling. Taylor thought it was perfect because she could stick her head in and make sure we were okay.

but Chewie couldn't be left out, so he made the hole bigger by sticking his head through it. Aren't they cutest doggies?

Jim working while I'm taking pictures... imagine that

Right about now is when we had the majority of the insulation start falling... it was pretty damn gross and I think I took 10 years off of my life for breathing it in

This was at the end... you couldn't see the floor and the debris was about 2 feet high. It took forever to clean it up.

All done! I know it isn't easy to figure out what this last picture is, but it is our ceiling and that metal box in the middle is where our light fixture will go. We left some of the insulation up there, but we will replace the layer that will be laying against the new drywall. I'll take pictures once the room is back to normal!!! WoooHooo!!!! Our 10 year project (I kid, I kid... it is more like a 2 year project) is moving again!! Hopefully we'll be done by summer (or before)!

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