Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Quit

On Sunday Jim and I hopped on our bikes and peddled around the neighborhood. We ended up biking around 8 miles. My legs are a bit wobbly after the ride but it is a good wobbly :)   We ride through a park that is more of area of land that is private property that everybody uses to jog, bike and walk their dogs. It is city owned property off of 45th street.  It is filled with a ton of beautiful wildflowers right now.  The picture below is a little dark, but it gives you an idea of what the area looks like.

We biked under the 24th street bridge in Pease Park when I saw this message...Never Quit. It is a fitting place for the message... Right in the middle of a jogging and biking trail. I have been running and exercising more recently.  I gained some much annoying weight around my middle this winter and it is time to get rid of it.  So when I'm out jogging and am feeling winded or if I'm feeling lazy one morning and dont want to go exercist I'll think about this message..... Never Quit

Spring storms

We had a huge storm roll by last night. I was certain we were going to get some rain. Unfortunately all we saw was some pretty clouds. The rain missed us completely :(

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working Lunch

So the title is a wee bit misleading. Yes... I met up with a co-worker for lunch... No we weren't really working. We came up with a list of restaurants that we wanted to try and meet up for lunch once a week (some times freakin work gets in the way and we can't meet up). For this particular visit I knew it was going to be delicious... I have eaten at Peached Tortilla many times. But it was Jenny's first time and I knew she would love it.  I wanted to eat at this trailer because the food is alway solid and today did not disappoint. I ordered their special of Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts and a Bahn Mi taco.  Jenny ordered a crispy fish taco, BBQ beef taco and the bacon jam fries. We hardly talked... To busy shoving food in our pie holes. :) The Bahn Mi taco was stuffed full of crispy veggies and pork belly. And those Brussels sprouts were so good... The bacon jam added on top was fantastic. Then again adding bacon jam to a piece of cardboard and it would taste delicious.
Chalk this up to a delicious working lunch!! :)

Sunday on the porch

We had beautiful weather this past Sunday.  Spring has been sticking around Austin a little longer than normal this year and I love it.  I do enjoy summer but I know how brutal triple digit temps with high humidity can be. And that weather will be around a lot longer than this beautiful spring weather. 

To enjoy this weather we made some Blackberry Mojitos. I'm convinced you can add any fruit in a Mojitos and it will be delicious.  We use the recipe below to make our Mojitos at the house. The recipe is very loose.... Meaning you can make adjustments based on how you like your drinks.  Want your drink stronger? Use more rum.  Want it less sweet? Use less simple syrup. 

1.5 oz white rum
1.25 oz simple syrup
2-3 lime wedges 
4-5 good sized mint leaves
Club soda
1oz sweet and sour

Squeeze your lime wedges in a glass(throw them in the glass once squeezing if you want) , add in the mint and the simple syrup and muddle. Add the rum and sweet and sour then pour into a shaker tin. Shake it a few times and our back into glass. Add some ice then top it off with the club soda. Stir and enjoy!!   If you want to add fruit, add it in when you muddle. 

As you can see in the picture below our patio table is now covered in plants. I decided to see if I could keep alive some veggies and herbs. I have beef steak tomatoes, jalapeƱos, another type of pepper that is mild(can't remember the name... Starts with a C), cilantro and mint. When I selected everything I didn't realize that I was practically growing a salsa garden :) Just need some onions.  I have kept everything alive for about a month now. I hope I can keep it alive to get at least a few batches of salsa to go with our Mojitos :)

Blackberry Mojito

Jimmy hiding in the potted plants

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Loving Spring

It is that time of the year when everything is blooming, the weather is still enjoyable, and allergies are insane. :) This weekend the dogs and I spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun and the sweet smells of spring.
Below is a picture of Abbey in a huge stretch and one of Chewie during our walk.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yo mom.... Can I come outside?

Lunch in the hood

Today while running errands I had some hunger pains. I was going to head to a trailer park but I was pissy after dealing with downtown traffic. I forgot that the reggae festival was going on when I headed to the City Wide festival.
Anywho, I remembered there was a little cafe in the hood that I haven't been to yet. I'm not sure how long Daisies Cafe has been open but after eating there today I am disappointed I haven't been here yet.  I ordered the special of Green Chili Bacon Cheddar Croquettes and a side salad. The croquets were tiny in size but loaded with flavor. They were crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The primary flavor was bacon (yum) with a hint of cheddar. I didn't get much of the green chili flavor but that didn't make the croquette any less tasty. The salad had a light vinaigrette with mint.
Their breakfasts look damn good as does the rest of lunch menu. Cany wait to come back!