Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Sofa Fun Day

As I was enjoying my time on the couch, Chewie decided that he wanted to come up and lay down. Then Abbey wanted to come up so she scooted up and laid down (notice she took part of my pillow too). Not wanting to miss out on the action, Jelly jumped up. It took him a few minutes of looking around to find the right spot. He ended up laying partially on me and Abbey. I wouldn't say this was the most comfortable way to lay on the couch and watch TV but I loved having my fur babies with me!
Holy Balls of FUN!

I absoutly love it when SXSW rolls through Austin. A few years ago Jim and I decided that it was time that we enjoy the music/film/interactive festival that Austin has every year. So far we have only enjoyed the music portion of the festival mostly because I don't want to shell out the cash for the interactive badges. The music portion of the festival is the easiest to enjoy because there are plenty of shows that are free!! This year we stuck with our normal plan and took off Friday to enjoy SXSW free shows.

This year we started off at the SonicBid showcase at Maggie Maes. I typically RSVP for about 5 places each day to ensure that we have a place to go!! But typically once we find a cool spot we'll stick around there for the day (like we did this year). The music we heard at the SonicBid party was closely to what we typically listen to daily so we stuck around to watch all of the bands.

Nick and Magen joined us at the show

Me, Jim, Magen and Nick

After Maggie Mae's we headed over to Easy Tiger

Caught Nick and Magen taking a self photo :)

Ummm... Jimmy? Where ya going? He just hopped on the back of the cart and rode it for a bit. Either the driver/passenger didn't realize he was up there or they just didn't' care

At Easy Tiger we decided to get a snack since we didn't really eat lunch. We got the worlds largest pretzel and a homemade sausage. A nice afternoon treat.

When did Teen Wolf start playing the violin on 6th street?

While walking down 6th street, we saw a truck start to hand out guitars. I tried to get in there but I was wearing flip flops and had no desire to push through to get a musical instrument that I had no idea how to play :)

We ate at The Backspace for dinner that night. We haven't been there before but we decided to poke our head in to find out how long the wait was. Since it wasn't terrible we waited around and I was so glad that we did!! We started off with the roasted Brussels sprouts, which was wonderful!! I loved every little bite!

The pizza was also very good, and I can't wait to go back to try some of their other dishes!

Day 2- SXSW and St. Paddy's day

For our 2nd day of SXSW we went to the Hard Rock Cafe party at Cedar Door. This was a rocking party full of great appetizers that were being handed out, plenty of options for free adult beverages, tattoos if you wanted (no mom, I didn't get one), and of course great music!!

This band was Breathe Carolina- which I had not idea who they were until they played one of their songs. I think the rest of the crowd was in the same boat since they all kind of came alive once they started playing the popular song.

Da Gang... Chris and Lindsay joined us, Nick and Magen for day 2 of SXSW. We always have a great time with this group!

Found a new drink (like I needed a new drink to like)... it is San Pellegrino Orange with Vodka. Like a Screwdriver but with bubbles :)

One of the bands at the party... Didn't really like her music but enjoyed her dancers. Those ladies had some spunk!

Mike, Charlie, Whitney, Chris, Chris, Lindsay-

We randomly ran into other friends at this party!! Great times!

Jim, Mike, Charlie and Chris

This was the closing act at the Hard Rock Hotel party... once again I have totally forgotten all names of the bands we saw at SXSW. That is what happens when you wait a month to post.

After the Hard Rock shows, we headed over to the Auditorium Shores free shows to see The Cult and Bright Light Social Hour. I scored 4 passes to sit in the VIP section which was awesome because it was on the same stage as the show.

Bright Light Social Hour-- check out all of the fans out there!

During The Cult's set, they brought up Matthew McConaughey to the stage to play the bongos. If you know The Cult's music, you know that the bongos don't really fit with their music but it was still pretty cool to see McConaughey play. He is pretty darn cute in real life :)

Here he is walking up to the stage.... Had no idea what was going on until it was announced and then I turned around in time to snap this pic :) Wish I could have scored a picture with him.

The end of a very fun night!!! Didn't really do anything for St. Paddy's day (except wear green) but it was an excellent SXSW experience!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Austin Kite Festival

The kite festival was last month and I trekked down there to check it out. First off... the parking was INSANE! I parked at least 1.5 miles away and just walked over. Next time I'll remember to bring my bike with me so it will be a quick 1.5 ride :) I didn't go last year (can't remember why) but I have gone a few times in the past when it was on the other side of Barton Springs (the other park). I've never actually flown a kite during one of these events, I'm more interesting in taking pictures :)

I love going to the kite festival to see all of the kites flying in the air. So many different sizes and shapes, which makes it fun to watch.

Downed kite!

Sunday, April 01, 2012


This year Austin was blessed with a great Bluebonnet crop! Last year due to the lack of rain and late freezes there were absolutely no wild flowers in the area so I couldn't get pictures with Abbey. This was the first year that I could get our little boo boo out in the flowers and I wanted to take advantage of that! In the years past I have gotten really good photos with Chewie and Taylor, so now it was Abbey's turn :)

I guess the sun was a little to much for Chewie... he here is completely happy to be sunning himself.

I LOVE this picture! It was the closest that I could get Chewie and Abbey together without trying to get up and walk away. Jim and I were doing our best to get the dogs to sit...then to look at the camera. Sure Abbey is about 3 feet behind Chewie in the picture, but it works :)
Abbey smelling the flowers

And while the pups were running around smelling flowers, the kittens were resting at home. Probably happy that they had the place to themselves. Here is Jelly resting near the window

And Slinky is on the other side sunning himself.