Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pretending to be a Yelper

Last night we were invited to go to a Yelp event with Sarah and Orly. I have used Yelp so much to help find various establishments ranging from a new place to eat to finding a dentist. I highly suggest you go check out and select the city that you live in. I also have used it to find restaurants to eat at while on vacation. Last night was a fairly large party at Copa Bar downtown. I have not been to this bar before, and I liked the way it was set up. Plenty of tables (for a bar), dance floor (for when I can get Jim drunk enough to dance), very large patio with bar, and an upstairs (didn't make it up there). There was free rum drinks and Dos XX's to drink.... my type of party.... FREE. They also had a masseuse doing chair massages, salsa dance lessons, and I believe some type of photo booth, but I didn't see it. We also met up with our friends Dawn and Matt. Sarah and Dawn are Elite Yelpers which I think means that they are bad ass reviewers and have left plenty of informative and funny reviews.

Dawn and Matt

Sarah and I... damn, I need a tan

You knew that we could only be serious for one photo

Sarah and Matt

Sarah and Jim


Dawnita said...

you should join yelp! for reals.

Sarah said...

I keep telling her that. She could even copy and paste her reviews. I'll continue to bug her about it.

Dana said...

I know I should... but it is one more thing to keep up with... however I'm starting to weaken and will probably start doing it