Monday, January 05, 2009

The Screaming Goat

Some time in December Jim and I tried the breakfast taco's at the Screaming Goat. Yelper's had some good things to say about them and the name intrigued me. I ordered the typical egg and potato tacos and the hubby got the bacon, potato and eggs. When you order food you also have to order the type of salsa you want... and I wasn't ready. I checked their menu online and I didn't see the salsa choices... that is something they may consider adding. I guessed and picked the Olivia (or something like that) and the Mexican. The Mexican was pretty damn tasty, nice flavor and a slight heat. We liked the Mexican salsa so much that we bought a mason jar worth (I think it was $5.99... kind of expensive, but we knew we would enjoy it while watching football that afternoon). The Olivia salsa was good, but it was almost pure liquid like a Tabasco. My breakfast taco was good....not great but good. I prefer my eggs be scrambled before they hit the cook top and these eggs appeared to be scrambled after they were cracked on the cook top. Jim enjoyed his tacos, but agrees with me that they were good not great.

I would go back in a pinch for breakfast tacos, but if Dan's or Bill Miller BBQ is open for business I'd prefer to go to them. I do want to head back during lunch or dinner to see how they fare. It is a good location at 10th and Lamar (across the street from the 7-11) and I like that they turned an old home into a quaint little restaurant.

Does anybody have any trailer or good hole in the wall that serves a quick breakfast taco??

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Dawnita said...

There is a trailer besides the Shop and Stop right next to our house called La Flor. They have very good breakfast tacos.