Sunday, January 04, 2009

My 2009 Resolutions

I almost hate to list out my resolutions because I won't keep them. I'll try to keep them for the first few months, but then I either forget or life gets in the way and I don't do them. I know... sounds like an excuse right? I tried to keep my resolutions light and not as strict as "lose 25 pounds by Valentines day" so that I might actually keep them.

Here we go....

Walk the dogs 3 times a week - I should be doing this already but having a large backyard has made me very lazy with the dogs. We play catch and Frisbee in the back yard, but they love to go on walks. Of course walking the dogs will help them release energy and it will help my butt release fat cells. It is a win/win situation.

Build a garden - I have planted tomato plants in the past, but the damn squirrels would make off with the little baby tomato's. I want to start with some herbs (basil, oregano, mint, thyme), tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and jalapenos. We have enough space on our back porch that we can put it back there if we build a wooden box to plant in. I am going to wait until spring time to start this project. My grandmother (my dad's mom) had a huge green thumb and had huge successful gardens. I remember going back to visit her in NJ, and seeing her garden which was no less than 50 feet by 50 feet large with blooming and growing veggies and plants. Hopefully I have that talent located in my gene's someplace.

Finish at least one project a month - My little brain never stops coming up with ideas. Poor Jim knows when I get the glassy eyed look that I am probably devising a plan to fix, improve, create or destruct something. My current projects that I want to do are: organize my recipes, organize my photos, scan in old photos and burn them to a disk, paint a little flower/branch mural in my computer room, curtains in spare room, add more pictures to dining room wall, clean out my closets, and on and on and on.... Instead of trying to juggle all of these projects at the same time, I will make the effort to start one project and have it done within a few weeks.

Make more healthier recipes - I love to cook and I cook about 6 meals a week. I would like to see if I can eliminate some of the higher fat recipes and make them lower fat. Heart healthy recipes are also going to be in the rotation. Which means more fish and I'm looking forward to trying out all of the different ways to cook fish!

Become the pack leader - This may sound funny to some, but I don't think I am the pack leader of the house. I think Taylor is the pack leader and I'm ready to take that title. Taylor has a strong personality (pretty sure it is the blue heeler in her) and I don't always win the battles. I would like it if it didn't appear that she would break down the glass and eat you when people come up to the door. Sure it is good for any person that would want to break in, but she does it every single time we have people over. I know I don't have the skills to take the title from Taylor, so I'll be bringing in some outside help. I have been looking at some dog trainers and eventually I'll make the decision. Maybe this should go into my "one project a month" resolution.

Buy smaller jeans - yeah, you knew it was coming.... 2009 will be the year I reclaim my thighs. I have been lazy and I can't tell you the last time I worked out. So, I will be prepared this summer to strut my shit in a bikini in front of all of the little girls that Jim's friends like to date. They are all nice girls and I'm talking about the girls that they hardly know but always seem to be on the boat prancing around in the tiny bikinis,,, yeah, I'm jealous.

Master Photoshop - I am annoyed that I don't know photoshop better. This will just take practice

Finish our kitchen - Enough said... I will have a brand new renovated kitchen this year. No if's and's or but's.

What is the one resolution that you would like to keep this year?

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