Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hannah at 5 Months

I had the opportunity to take pictures of Hannah, my friend Kelly's baby. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and was very tolerant of me and the camera in her face for 45 minutes :) Hannah is teething so she really enjoys chewing on her fist right now, so I tried to snapped enough photos when she put her hands down.

I think this was Hannah's way of letting me know that she was done :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

In less than 36 hours.....

... and I will be a freakin college graduate! :) I can't believe that I am almost done, it certainly doesn't seem real. I have one more assignment to do then I am done, and that assignment is due on Monday by midnight. I honestly wish that I could have finished at Arizona State but my lazy ass didn't finish before I moved to Austin. I should be the poster child of finishing school because it took way to long for me to finish!

H O L Y S H I T! That is really all I can say right now!! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Candy and our personality

The Washington Post published a chart to determine what your candy personality is. We bought Baby Ruth and Butterfinger, but we really hope no kids come to the house so we can eat them :)

Here is what they say about some of the candy that will be handed out:

Three Musketeers: Does well in groups but is somewhat pompous. Prone to fancy costumes and arcane weapons. Wears hats in public that are ill-advised.

Almond Joy: I'm going to put aside my aversion to coconut in praising these folks as happy-go-lucky.

Bit-O-Honey: They have contradictory personalities, hoping to express generosity but also having the passive-aggressive desire to damage the fillings of trick-or-treaters.

Butterfinger: Evasive, slippery, not necessarily to be trusted.

Candy Corn: Purely deluded people. They don't get that candy shouldn't attempt to imitate other food groups, particularly corn.

Good & Plenty: Optimistic, perhaps overly so. A little bit of Weimar energy. Strong advocate of gay rights; acquainted with the bitterness at the center of most lives.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Generous souls. Those who understand the salty in life, as well as the sweet.

Snickers: Just going with the crowd, the safe candy choice, guaranteed to please the masses. Not ambitious, but dependable.

I have been slowly changing around and updating our den. We used to have two desks with our computers on them (we never consolidated when we moved in together), but Jim's computer died, so we put my computer on his desk. But that left all of my desk junk without a home. So I have been searching for just the right piece of furniture. I found something that is close to what I was looking for at Pottery Barn, and it was on sale because it was a floor sample, so BONUS! :) The next step was to find some type of containers for the bottom to hold my junk. I found two types of containers.... see below:

Before I say anything else, please ignore the dry wall behind the table. One day Jim and I will actually finish our kitchen and we won't have to store drywall in our den.

Okay, so this table will go back behind our desk (I'll post pictures of that soon) so it won't really be a dominate fixture in the room. I'm not super excited about using the containers below, but I haven't been able to find the exact right table. I usually get an idea in my head of what I want, but then it will take years for me to find the right piece for the right price. Back to the containers.... which do you like best? Personally, I like the baskets better. I'm not usually a fan of the wicker look, but I think the little chests don't match the table. So, I am sticking with the baskets until I find something that I like better. Plus, the baskets were 40% off at Micheal's. But now I like the chests and I am trying to find a place to use them in the house. If I can't I have another two weeks to return them :)

A night full of photos, music, and drinks

Jim, Jason and I headed over to Shooters on Thursday night so I could take some night/people photos of Shooters. They had a band playing (Texas Unlimited Band,,,, at least that is what I think they were called), and I knew they had shuffle board for Jim and Jason to play while I took pictures. The night started off great taking pictures of people playing pool and of the band and people dancing to the band. Night pictures are a little tricky because of the lighting. If I leave the shutter open it will bring in more light (which gives the picture a good glow) but if people are moving then they will be blurry. And I wasn't about to go up to strangers and ask them to stop moving for 3 seconds while I take a picture :)

After a couple of hours, we got a little crazy. One might say that we had a wee bit to much to drink :) So, we had some fun with Chris, Shae and their friends for the rest of the night.

Shae and I

Jim and Jason

The Texas Unlimited Band

Yager Bombs (Mom, this is apple juice mixed with a little grape juice :)

Jim and Jason doing their best Captain Morgan impression

Love the self timer! :) This will probably be the only time I get to pose on a pool table :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I did it.... I broke it off

So as a woman with funky curly hair, I fear changing hair dressers. Once I find a hair dress that knows what the hell they are doing, I stick with them. I have put up with some shit from my current hair dresser because she always cut my hair perfectly. It started out with my appointments not starting on time by a few minutes (no big deal) but then it extended to me waiting for up to 45 minutes after my appointment time for her to start, then rush through my hair cut. Uhhh, no. I know we can all be late, but I am pretty sure she only has an hour down in the books for each hair cut appointment. I think it pissed me off the most because she rushed through a haircut, to make up time. I pay enough that I want my money's worth, we're not talking about a Master Cut type of place. So I even forgave her once for that ( I promised myself that if it happened again I would bail). The next couple of hair cuts went by without any issues.

She moved from her big company backed salon to an independent salon about 6-8 months ago. I visited her once, where she was 30 minutes late for my appointment. And her next appointment came in right after I had just had my hair shampooed. She was visably annoyed when she realized how long it was going to be. So I know I am not alone in being annoyed about my appointments.

The last straw came 4 weeks ago. I called the salon and got their voicemail, so I left a message for her to call me back to set up an apointment. 2 days went by without a call back. Hmmmm. So I called back 4 times during the next 3 days, and nobody answered. I left her one more message, and I never received a call back. So I have officially dropped my hair sylist, and I will tell anybody who asks about it.

But all has ended well, I found another stylist that has curly hair and understands how to cut it. I hate that I had to end my relationship but she was driving me NUTS! Cause when my curly mop gets to long it gets a mind of it's own and does what it wants, no matter how much goop I put in there. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My first "Commercial" shoot

My friends Shae and Chris own a couple bars called Shooters in Cedar Park. They are launching a new website and asked if I would take some pictures for them,,,,, so of course I said "hell yea!!" :). We met up last Tuesday and I took about 150 pictures, and I liked about 20 or so of them. As I said below, I had some technical difficulties getting the pictures onto my computer. Once I bought the external hard drive and moved my existing photos over to that drive and screamed some explicit words at the computer, I was back in businesses!

Here are the day pictures of the bar. I am going to head back this week and take some night pictures of the bar, the people and the band playing. These are more of the night ambiance pictures.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

An elegant affair

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding in Austin. Jim has known Melissa since he was in the 6th grade. Jim was friends with her older brother, Chris. It was an intimate wedding where we had lots of time to hang out with friends. Things got just a little crazy towards the end, but don't all great weddings get a little crazy at the end! :)

Melissa and Theron

The Guys - - the sun was a bit brutal outside of the church

Me and the hubby

Tammy, Ashley, and I

Our glamorous shoes

The guys with Melissa

The girls with Melissa

Chris and Lindsey dancing their own version of the Tango

This was our bartender. He has been a bartender for the last 25 years and had some great stories.

Now, that is a picture

After the reception, we went up to some of the rooms that were rented at the hotel. We had our own little mini-party. I talked to a couple that were from New Jersey, and actually lived near my Uncle. Small world!