Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've got a Buddy and he is Muddy

Jim and I decided to do the Muddy Buddy race this year. This means that I need to hurry up and loose the chunk and get in shape. This race is kind of brutal and I want to be ready. The race is held out in the boonies because it is usually 6 to 7 miles long and is a team event. You and your partner will race but not together. You trade off between riding a bike and jogging/doing an obstacle and once you are done with your section.

Here is how Muddy Buddy explains the race....

How does it work?
Both partners start at the same time, one running and one biking. The course is approximately 6 miles long and is separated into 5 legs by obstacles along the way. The first obstacle is near the one mile mark. Assuming that the biker is traveling faster than the runner, the biker will first approach the obstacle transition area. The biker will drop the bike and conquer the obstacle and start running to the 2nd transition/obstacle. The runner will then approach the first transition area, conquer the obstacle, find the bike and start riding to the 2nd transition/obstacle area. The team will continue to leap frog throughout the course switching between biking and running. Because the course has five legs, the person who is the stronger biker should begin the race biking, and the stronger runners, should start out running so they are doing three legs of their stronger discipline, and two of the other.
There will be five obstacles on each Muddy Buddy course. Mystery events could be challenges such as a cargo net crawl, a wall, monkey bars, or a hay bale obstacle. At every race teams will have to conquer the famous Mud Pit before crossing the finish line together.

We will be doing this race along with a few friends, which will be a lot of fun! Before we can register for this event, we need a team name. We have come up with a few, but I thought I would ask your opinion. We want to be able to use our last name somehow.....

Here is what we have so far....
Bone Crushers
Skin and Bones
Sugar Bones
What do you think?? I know I have plenty of creative friends and family, so I'm curious to see what you guys can come up with!!
We have a few more names that my mom thought of....
Bone Envy


Dawnita said...

Wow. You two are CRAZY!

Dana said...

Yeah... this race scares me a little. But I'm also excited about getting back into shape then kicking ass in the race. Let's just hope the race doesn't kick my ass!