Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get your butt in gear

And enjoy a FREE day of Pilates day on Saturday! There are 8 different studios offering free Pilates classes all day on Saturday.

Check out the website.....

This would be the perfect time to try it out and see if you like it and like the studio
Restaurant Review

San Francisco Bakery and Cafe

2900 w. Anderson Ln Ste L

Austin, 78757

I love sandwiches, and I love when I find new (to me) local sandwich shops near my house! Since this location is tucked away behind a CVS on Anderson Ln, I always forget about it. Now that I have tasted the goodness, I won't be forgetting about this little shop! I ordered the Santa Clara sandwich, which had turkey, provolone, bacon, avocado, lettuce and sprouts. Sure, add bacon to anything and it tastes fantastic but this sandwich was very good. I do have one gripe... they don't have onions. I know I can survive eating a sandwich without onions, but to me, onions are a sandwich staple. The wheat bread had a crusty crust but the bread was soft and fluffy. But it wasn't so soft that it got stuck to the roof of your mouth every time you took a bite I ordered a small Caesar salad with the sandwich, and it was good not great. The dressing was so peppery that it was hard to taste anything else. For the sandwich and salad, I paid a little over $9... kind of expensive for lunch so next time I'll stick to just the sandwich since the salad was just okay. Aside from sandwiches, salads and soups they also sell Danishes (which looked fabulous), bread and breakfast foods!I don't always have cash on hand, but when I do I'll be going back!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ACL Festival.... to go or not to go

Jim and I swore off ACL this year since we went last year. I love the 3 days of listening to live music and hanging out with friends, but I don't love the crowds, the dust, the cost and the exhaustion that follows 3 days of sun, music, and beer. The line up is better than last year, but I don't' think it will be enough to go for 3 days. We are considering going on Friday, when it isn't as busy at the festival. Saturday last year was horrendous when you were trying to walk from stage to stage. We got stuck in a monster crowd walking from the stage that MGMT was playing on to the stage that Robert Plant and Allison Krause was playing on. Literally stuck... we couldn't move one way or the other... we just kind of moved with the crowd. It was nuts. Thank god I'm not claustrophobic, because I would have had a total melt down.

I haven't really looked into the entire band list, but I would like to see:

Pearl Jam
Beastie Boys
Kings of Leon
Dave Matthews Band (I could take them or leave them, but if nobody else was playing, then I would watch them)
Ghostland Observatory
Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears

I'm sure there are other great bands playing but those are the bands that stuck out to me. With my luck all of those bands will be playing on Saturday and Sundy :o)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 4 and 5

Sigh... I love when my mom and grandfather comes to visit. We joke inappropriately, we laugh when somebody farts, we love to shop, we love to do nothing with each other and have a FANTASTIC time. I love my family.

On the day they were leaving Austin decided to have one hell of a weather day... Tornado Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, and a shit load of rain. Sorry guys... Austin weather was kind of shitty.

Since we had so much fun at the CVS with the magnifying glass, we drug Jim and Pop Pop to there to get more pictures. The people at CVS must have wondered what the fuck we were doing since we were giggling like school girls in the medication isle.

Pop Pop, Jim and Mom at Texas Land and Cattle. We had a pretty good dinner full of steak, shrimp and ribs.

Pop Pop, Me, and Mom

Pop Pop and Mom

Mom hanging out with Taylor

The Grand Poopa

So when Mom comes to visit, she usually makes me clean. During this trip we cleaned up our food pantry as well as my over flowing closet. I looked up to see Mum wearing her doo-rag flashing some type of old person symbol :o) Just Kidding Mom!

Mom and I planted new plants. We'll see how long it takes me to kill them.

Pop Pop enjoying some lunch! A couple family photos
We should have done these the night before when Jim was with us
Our wet drive to the airport

Pop Pop, Me and Mom!

Good Bye Pop Pop and Mom!!! Can't wait until you come back to visit us!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 3

Today was a good day! We started off with garage sales... which we found a few good sales, but nothing that we really wanted. Then we headed off to the Farmers Market at the Tony Burger Center (no freakin idea who Tony is). This farmers market had a few more vendors than the farmers market downtown. This weekend was also the weekend for the art fair next to the farmers market. So much to see and do before 10am!!
We hit up a few more shops in the downtown area then went over to see the Chinese Boat Races. I thought this would be a little more neat to watch... a little more flair... a little more than a 2 minute boat race. Oh well.. you live and you learn. We did get to watch some kung-fu show, which was really neat to watch. Mom and I then started to do our own tricks before mom threw out her back and I pulled my hammie. :o)
Our afternoon/evening was pretty low key.... made some boogers (as in hamburger) for dinner, watched a little of the NFL draft, and then mom and I did a little shopping at the Domain.

Pop Pop enjoying the sun on the porch
Farmers Market... we picked up some brussel spouts.... I can't wait to cook them up
Random dude with his butterfly bike... I'll be buying one for Jim for Christmas :o)
Mummy posing at the Farmers Market

Mom near Town Lake (it just doesn't feel like Lady Bird Lake... not yet at least)

While we were waiting for the Chinese dragon boat race to start, I got a little bored. I thought it would be slightly funny to push mom into the lake. I kid, I kid.... no mom's were hurt in the making of this photo

The boat race

Martial Arts Exhibition


This alligator head flew off of the clearance shelf to attack me

The Jersey salute
Mum and Jim

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 of the visit

Our day started with a wonderful massage at Myo. Both mom and I had good masseuse's, which is some times hard to find at the same massage place. We then headed home to meet up with Jim and Pop Pop to eat a little lunch. After lunch, we did a little shopping. We checked out a granite shop just to see the slabs for the kitchen. Then we headed to our favorite thrift shops near our house.

Mummy and I walked the dogs at a park near the house. I found a tree that I could put my camera on for the self portrait. There was some noise at the street and that is the only reason both dogs look like they are paying attention.

Thrift shop

Ummm... yeah. I'm SOOOO not a cowgirl
At the granite place.... we are total dorks and pretending to hold up the granite.

Picking out a piece of granite for our kitchen counter tops is going to be hard... there is so much to chose from, and then Jim and I have to agree on the color/texture/movement of the pieces.

Dinner at Hyde Park Grill.
Good ambiance, decent food and douchy waiter
After dinner we walked next door to get a gelato. They had so many good flavors,, very yummy. Pop Pop walked up to the counter and pointed to 4 different flavors and said "I'll take two scoops of this one, this one, this one, and this one". Jim, Mom and I all stopped and stared...Ummmm Pop Pop that means you want 8 scoops of gelato. He giggled then just pointed to vanilla and said one scoop please. :o)

Mom ordered the almond flavored gelato, which was the table favorite. I ordered the tiramisou, Jim got the nutella with peanut butter, and pop pop ordered the vanilla. The vanilla had a strong flavor of cinnamon and I don't think I would order that unless I mixed it with another flavor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

They are hhheeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee!!!

Mom and PopPop are here!!! They'll be here until Monday, which will be here before we know it. Their trips always go by way to fast. They landed this afternoon, and our first stop was some lunch. We stopped by Hog Island Deli to get some sandwiches... they were tasty!

At home... eating Sissy's dip. Sissy's dip is so damn simple yet so damn good. Basically it is a couple of different type of cheese, shredded and mixed with mayo, chopped onion and some spices.

Momma giving Poopa some loving... and trying to stay away from his kisses

Playing fetch with Chewie

This photos are disturbing,,, but oh so funny. There are these little magnifying glasses to help customers at CVS read the small print on packages. Did we use that to read? Oh no... we tried to see who would have the weirdest face

I think we tied for the weirdest face

Mummy and me... ignore our pantry in the background

Jim and Pop Pop