Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back in Indy

Well I'm back in Indianapolis for my second week in training. Ugh. At least this time, it isn't 22 degrees :) Nothing has really happened except I realized that I have been wearing navy colored socks with black pants, oh the horror :) Actually I was a little horrified that I didn't realize it sooner. Damn. Oh well. Hopefully nobody noticed. LOL.

We (the two girls I am in training with) went to downtown Indianapolis last night. It is similar to downtown Austin, with lots of restaurants and bars. We walked around for a bit and then settled on a restaurant. I took some pictures, but I only brought my small camera so the pictures won't be a great quality. Well, that and I took a lot of pictures while in the back seat of the car and only about half came out :)

Training is going well, and is actually going fast. I'm glad it is already Weds, so only two more deays to go!!!! We have another big presentation on Friday, but I'm not going to worry about it.

Well, we are about to leave for dinner, so I should get going.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday Night

This picture is WAY fuzzy, but I kind of like it. It almost looks like an oil painting

The hubby and I headed out on Saturday night for a nice meal and to celebrate St. Patty's day. We went to the Roaring Fork, which was soooo stinkin yummy! We used a gift certificate that Angela gave to us for Christmas, so it was a stinkin yummy dinner for free! Yay!

Downtown was BUSY! This weekend was South By Southwest, which is an intense music festival going on all around Austin, especially downtown Austin. I think it is 4 days and on those 4 days bands start early in the afternoon, then go until the wee hours of the morning. We didn't go to any shows, but I plan on it next year. We'll buy the wrist bands so that we can get into the shows for free. This weekend was also the last weekend of Spring Break and St. Patty's day. What a weekend! We did a little bar hopping, listened to some music, and did a whole lotta people watching! I tried to take some pictures, but it was hard since it was dark out and extremely busy!

At Shakespeare Pub

This bar had a drum band playing, and it sounded so cool. The guy in the picture what wailing on the drum. We stayed and watched for a little bit.

We made sure we were wearing green! Although my green wasn't a true "Irish" green :)

As we were sitting at the bar in Touche's the couple next to us got an interesting looking drink. We found out that they were Irish Car Bombs. Being the adventurous couple that we are, we thought why not and ordered two! Basically, you have a glass half full of Guinness beer, then you drop a shot of Bailey's and and Irish Whiskey into the Guinness, then you drink really fast :) I have to say I was a little worried before we drank them, but they were damn tasty!

Jimmy drinking his shot/drink

And because I am so talented, I even took a self portrait of me taking my shot/drink. The people next to us as well as the bartender were impressed I could drink and take a picture of me all at once. Well, I'm not sure it they were actually impressed or just thought I was weird. Whateva!

Ahhhh, a St. Patty's day kiss!

As we were walking down 6th street, I couldn't believe what I saw... A freakin Eagles TO jersey. Seriously? Didn't he have anything else to wear that night. Sure it has green in it, but a TO jersey. LOSER! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jim's Birthday Dinner

We had a belated birthday dinner with Jim's family last weekend. He chose to go to Vivo's which is a Mexican food place in East Austin. We really enjoy Vivo's food and we created a few more fans of their food. When I went to the restroom, I came across something that I haven't seen before; the sinks had ice in them, with rose petals laid across. Huh. They get points for being unique, but really, why? I wonder if they keep filling it up as the night goes on, or if it is a one time thing at the beginning of the night. Oh well, ice in the sink or not, I'll keep going back because they have kick ass salsa and food!

Ryan doing a "hookem horns" with olives on his fingers

The cute couple

Still a bit baffled by the ice in the sink... oh well, here is a pic so you can see :)


Joy to the World....

....Grey's Anatomy is new!!! It was a super pleasant surprise because a lot of shows tonight (well, The Office) are re-runs so I assumed that Grey's would be as well! I am soooo damn happy that it is a new episode. Kind of like the worlds are in-line and were ready to give me a little surprise :) Ahhhhhh, so nice.

I took a different position within my company that will probably keep me pretty busy over the next few months. Hopefully it won't be to bad, but we'll see. I really want to do well, so I might have to put in the extra hours. At least I'll get overtime :)

I have another trip to the terribly exciting Indianapolis (I really hate that you can't hear the sarcasm). I leave in a couple of weeks. I am actually looking forward to hanging out with the two girls I went with, and of course not paying for food for a week, but not looking forward to being away from the hubby and kids for a week. It is a follow up to the training I went to about a month ago. I am supposed to be doing homework for this class, but of course I waited until the last minute :)

Spring is in the air in Austin. Everything is blooming (and it is fucking amazing that my allergies haven't taken over my body yet) and oh so pretty. I'll probably go around town this weekend to take some pictures. And you know that I'll post them! I don't know why but I am surprised that it is spring already. It seems like just a few weeks ago we had a week of freezing weather. I kind of miss it. I like spring, but I know it will soon be unbearable heat that will make my ass sweat when I am sitting on my leather seats in my car. (sorry, that might be too much info) :).

UPDATE: It is now Sunday, and my fucking allergies have taken over my body. Ick.

I have been a bit of a slacker on this blog, and I don't mean to be so I will try harder to keep it up to date with interesting information!!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Family Photos

While my mom and g'pa were in town we took some time before dinner one night to take some pictures! We went to a park close to the house and spent about 25 minutes taking pictures. I would have loved to have more time, but since we were doing it before dinner I didn't want to take to much time. Here are some of the pictures!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wednesday Night Softball

I now spend my Weds nights watching Jim play softball with the guys. It is a good time, the weather is nice, and I can catch up some friends while the guys are playing. It would be a lot better if they softball fields were closer (they are about 25 minutes away).

I tried to get some good pictures of the game, but my flash kept bouncing off of the fence, which killed my picture. Here are some of the pictures that kind of came out.....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mummy and Pop Pop's visit

My mom and grandfather came out to visit over last weekend. We had a wonderful time getting massages (my mom and I), thrift shopping, planting new flowers and plants, and watching old home videos. My mom took our old VHS tapes to Walgreen's to have them transfer the videos to DVD. We laughed soooo hard watching those tapes! I have to say I was quite the shit at an early age! Their 4 day stay went by way to fast!!! It always does. We just need to win the lottery so we can constantly be on vacation!!!

We converted Pop Pop to be a Universit of Texas fan! :)

Grandma and the grandkids playing frisbee

Pop Pop enjoying a brewski while sunning himself on the porch

Mom and Taylor watching TV in mom's "bed"

Waiting for our table at the Outback. Wait a minute.... is that a beer in mom's hand?!?! :)

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

I am one day late but I still wanted to wish my Jimmy a happy birthday!

Okay everybody, let's sing to Jim!

Happy Birthday to you,,,,, Happy Birthday to you,,,,, Happy Birthday dear Jim, Happy Birthday to you!!!!