Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo time

When I logged onto the Internet today I saw that the moon was going to be the biggest and brightest that it will ever get in 2009. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to head downtown to take some photos. The sky was cloudy, so I didn't get the huge moon that I thought I would get, but I am still happy with the photos. And I didn't consider that the moon would hide between buildings as it was rising, so there were periods where we waited. Plus it was chilly outside (low 50's and upper 40's) with a decent wind blowing so my fingers were getting damn chilly so I wasn't willing to sit outside forever to get the photos.

You knew we would take a photo of ourselves.... I had the tri-pod set up. Unfortunately, the camera zoomed in on the background, so we are a little fuzzy.


Dawnita said...

Bad ass photos!!! You are so talented.

Dana said...

Thank You!