Thursday, January 17, 2013

East Side King

A few weeks ago we ate at East Side King. ESK is owned by Paul Qui, who won Top Chef last year.  I have been eating at his trailer at The Liberty (bar on East 6th) for a few years so I knew ESK at The Grakle would have great food! Unfortunately the picture is bad quality, but I didn't realize that my camera battery was dead. So I had to use my phone in a dark area.... boo.  

We ordered 3 items to share... the pork ribs, chicken wings and a pork rice bowl.  

The pork ribs had a tare fish caramel glaze and were so tender the meat fell off of the bone. The glaze was slightly sweet and was loaded with flavor.  I would totally order these again!!

The Thai- style grilled chicken wings were good but they were super charred. I had to lose the skin since I'm not a fan of super charred. However... the meat was so tender.  

The last item, the pork rice bowl, was our favorite.  It isn't on the menu right now, so I can't look to see exactly what it was called.  It was a mix of pork, kim-chee, spicy sauce and rice.  Seriously good. Jim and I were fighting on who was going to get the last bite. 

Walking in the Greenbelt

A few Sundays ago I took the dogs out to the greenbelt to enjoy the sunny weather.  I love getting out there as much as I can and letting the dogs enjoy running around and sniffing ever single freaking blade of grass :)   This time we walked on the trail along 360 (I believe it is Bull Creek) and the creeks were full of water.  Thankfully the dogs only dipped their toes in and didn't fully get in the water. (I forgot a towel).

Found this huge leaf along the trail. The picture doesn't do the size justice.

Pretty sure Chewie is thinking..."Mom.... let's go. Quit making me stop to take pictures"

The orange/reddish leaves really gave the canopy a splash of color

Love that little tongue!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

We started off our new year very lazy and it was perfect. We stayed in our PJs all day. The one area where I was productive was cooking. I made a frittata for breakfast and then a big spread for dinner. I found a recipe for turkey which was basted with a mixture of Maderia wine, cranberries, honey, onions and mustard that I couldn't wait to try. The mixture gave the turkey a beautiful color with a nice flavoring. Will have to keep that recipe for the next time!!

Creating the basting liquid for the turkey

Since we were home all day, I had plenty of time to snuggle with the pets and take pictures of them! :)


Abbey (using an app on my cell phone to create the hearts)