Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Halloween is just a few days away, and we are ready to go!!! Well, we think we are ready to go :) Both of our costumes require makeup so we (me) practiced putting on the make up. I had an idea on how to do Jim's make up since he is going as the Joker. I did the lips a little to perfect, so I'll make sure to mess them up a bit on Friday. And I went out and bought some fake scars to make it look even more realistic. Hopefully it is easy to put on!!! Jim looks totally creepy in that picture below. We joked about him going to a neighbor to either stand in their window (but we determined that would probably lead to the cops getting called) or to go knock on their door and ask for a cup of sugar. We pussed out and just went inside to take the make up off :)

I am going to be the Corpse Bride for Halloween. My biggest hurdle was to figure out how to tint me blue. I first tried to put some super bight blue eye shadow mixed with lotion on. That didn't do anything. Then I tried to mix the eye shadow with the white make up that I used on Jim. That seemed to work, but I'm not sure if it is blue enough. The Corpse Bride is blue but not smurf blue so I want to make sure I get it right. You can't really tell what her eye make up is, so I'm going to stick with blues and sliver. I bought super huge fake eye lashes today so I'll put them on Friday. If I manage to get them on, I'm sure they will only last for an hour or so. I can't stand them but I'll suffer for a bit for Halloween :) I also need to get some pink lipstick... I only had a faint pink lipstick (can't see it at all in the picture).

Wish us luck!!! Hopefully I'll have some good photos to post after Halloween!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Our Pumpkins

A few nights ago we carved our pumpkins! I used a pattern and Jim free-handed his sketch. I think they both came out really good! Since we were sitting on the floor, Taylor and Chewie were very curious and kept sniffing around us and the pumpkins.

Me and Taylor

Chewie supervising Jim's work

My witch pattern

Our final products lit up! Jim's pumpkin has a couple of props (see the picture below) that I didn't use for this picture.

Our pumpkins outside. Jim made a throwing up pumpkin :) I like how the "throw up" is cascading down the side of the wall.

**~** UPDATE **~**

I came home from work yesterday to find out that a little scoundrel (or perhaps two or three) had their way with our pumpkins. Damn you squirrels! I was worried about bugs eating away our pumpkins, but I didn't even think of those little rodents that run around my back/front yard like they own the place!! They took my witch and ran, those little bastards! :) Oh well... hopefully they are sitting in their nest with full tummys ready for the cold weather.

It has been while since I had a post dedicated to the kids. Chewie has a favorite place he loves to lay in and look out the window while basking in the sunlight. Normally when I try to take pictures of him, he gets up to come say hi. I was lucky this time because he didn't get up while I took 20 or so pictures of him :)

I bought this wig for my Halloween costume because it was only $6, but it isn't really what I was looking for. So... that meant that the kids got to wear it. Taylor is so good at letting me dress her up. She will be good and sit there for a few minutes before she gets bored and leaves.

Chewie on the other hand, does not like things on his head. I usually have .00125 seconds before he flips it off of his head. The picture below is Jim's wig for his costume and you'll notice that my hand is on him to stop him from running away :)

Taylor in Jim's wig... she is such a ham, just like her mama.

San Francisco- Day 4

Most of our last day in San Francisco was spent going to the Eagles/49ers game.... the main reason we went to San Fran. We started the day off at a little diner a few blocks from our hotel. It was okay... kind of plain but edible breakfast food. Then we did a little walking around the Wharf, just to get a little exercise and catch some areas that we missed. We found a bus for $7 bucks a person (round trip) to take us to the game.... which is fantastic!! I know I have paid WAY more for event parking which came with the stress of traffic, parking, walking a long distance and having to watch how much I drank. This bus picked us up about 8 blocks from the hotel (we took a taxi.... to early to battle those hills) to where the bus picked us up then dropped us off at the front gate of the stadium! Kudo's to San Francisco for having excellent public transportation.

Mummy groping a local... such a bad girl

I learned how to grope from my mother... Jim has no idea what I am doing

Walking through an outdoor museum

Kind of a dark picture, but we are enjoying Starbucks while waiting for the bus... Fred and Lynn showed up shortly after this

The view from our seats at the game

***This picture was deleted some how... will get it back on the blog soon***

Before the game we were able to go down to the field and watch the players warm up. We arrived early enough to watch them for about 25 minutes. This is our 6th different stadium to watch the Eagles play..... Eagles at home, Cowboys, AZ Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and now the 49ers. Next year we will either travel to San Diego or back to Philly... we'll see what the schedule looks like.

Fred, Mom and Lynn

I am wearing my mothers very white and very touristy hat... Showing her how to wear it gangsta style... okay more like white girl trying to be a gangsta style

Stairs leading down to the water in the Bay.... I'm wondering why I didn't climb down those to see if there was any good shots to take :)

Our last dinner in San Fran.... we'll be back one day!

My own paparazzi.... These last two shots are from my mom. It is so weird to see me take pictures... I guess I never thought of what I look like because I'm more concerned on getting the perfect shot. Thanks for taking those mom!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are sending lots of get well wishes to Fred!!!! Hope your rehab goes well and you are ready to walk 18 miles through DC again soon!! :o)

San Francisco - Day 3

My uncle Fred and his girlfriend Lynn flew in late on Friday night and we were able to hang out with them on Saturday. We started out by going over to their incredibly cool hotel (more on that later) hanging out watching the Texas OU game. We didn't realize it was the same weekend, but in all honesty it probably wouldn't have made a difference since the Eagles were in San Fran that weekend. Fred's hotel was near a Pier that had lots of shopping and hosted a farmers market on Saturdays. So we left Jim in the hotel to watch the game while we did some shopping. I was in farmers market heaven. They had produce, cheeses, meats, seafood, candles, herbs, plants, flowers, baked goods, salsas, dips, and every other thing that I would typically buy at a farmers market. Seriously, it was some damn good stuff. I should know, I tried every sample there, even the funky cheeses that I haven't heard of before. :) After the farmers market we went to Muir Woods which is about 45 minutes north of San Francisco. My pictures aren't exactly in order of what we did that day, but I'm being lazy... at least they are grouped correctly :o)

Walking from our car to the entrance to Muir Woods

Muir Woods was so very calm and beautiful. It was also fairly shaded since the trees are so plentiful.

Looking up

Have I mentioned that I love the self timer.... The sun was peaking through the trees, and managed to make Mom and Free look like they are albinos

My mommy made me stand in tree trunk... not sure if I was supposed to

Mom and Fred

Jim and I

We didn't get a chance to spend time around the Golden Gate Bridge, so I took this will driving across.

Mom and Fred getting some goodies to take with us on our mini road trip

Joe Cool-- waiting for the ladies to finish shopping

I was amazed at the color on the stalks

Bread... Yuuuuummmmmm

Mom, Fred, Lynn and the Bay Bridge

This cool cat had a great bluesy sound

Bay Bridge

I love how it appears that the street just falls off the hill

At dinner that night... a decent little seafood place that had a great view of the Bay Bridge. This restaurant was right on the Bay

I tried to take some night shots, but I didn't bring my tri-pod so I was at the mercy of anything stationary to keep my camera still. I got a couple of decent shots.