Sunday, February 01, 2009

Couples Shower

This weekend was quite busy between the wine tasting, a couples shower and the Super Bowl. On Saturday night, John and Tammy had their couples shower at one of their friends house way down South. Before the shower a few of us decided to head to dinner. We weren't sure what the eating situation was at the shower so we ate at PF Changs before. Our dinner was really good! We each ordered something different and then we shared. Jason ordered the Hot Fish,,, which just plain sounds funny, but even though it tasted good, it lit my mouth on fire. They should call it Fire Fish. Good Times.

Mike, Matt, John and Charlie

Jason, Jim, Chris and Nick

There was a fiesta theme at the shower, so John and Tammy had to hit the pinata. John got some really good cracks at the poor little pinata. The pinatas legs went flying before John hit the head off of the body

Lindsey, Ashley and I

Jason and Ashley

No cats were harmed in this picture :0) Ash and Lindsey thought it would be funny to make it look like they were feeding the cat the very strong margarita's that were being served at the party.

All of the guys got together to buy the Portable Kitchen for John. It is like a grill but it can also be used as a smoker. John had one years ago that he loved, but it ended up breaking.

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