Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Eve

I had lunch and got a pedi with Ashley and Lindsey before we went out that night. We all had the day off (Ash had a half day), so we thought why not!! We went up to Waco (also known as a shopping center off of 183 and 1431) to eat at the Spicy Pickle, do a little shopping, and get our nails done. We went up to Waco because Lindsey lives in G'town and Ashley works near Round Rock. Anywho, the Spicy Pickle was damn good! Typical sandwich place but their sandwiches have some tasty combinations. We also came across a store called Charlie something or other that had a TON of nicely priced costume jewelry.

Ashley enjoying her pedi

Lindsey and her pretty in purple nails
My amethyst nails... I love this color! I haven't seen it before but I need to find it! My feet were so soft after my little nail guy did his magic! I would recommend this place, but in all honesty I have no freakin idea where we were... somewhere off of Parmer near 1431

Yes, girls do go to the bathroom together. It's because we need to take pictures together :o)

Jason, Ashley, Lindsey, Chris, Jim and I... right after a really good dinner at Wild Fire in Georgetown. Jim had the pork tenderloin and I had the beef tenderloin. Both of our dishes were seasoned and cooked perfectly. Everybody at the table enjoyed their meal.

The boys doing their best zoolander expression

Happy New Year!!

The party that we went to had a dart board, so Lindsey and I played a game. I managed to stick one dart into another! What are the chances!?!?

The two girls on the left are friends of Ashley's, then Ashley, Me, the dog Harley, and Lindsey
Hot mama shoes!

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