Thursday, February 26, 2009

A very early morning

This morning I did a super duper nice wifey type thing and I took Jim and 2 of his friends to the airport at 6:00am. In case you didn't see that,,, I was driving boys to the airport AT SIX AM. I am slightly bitter about their trip because it is a bachelor party in Playa Del Carmen. I don't care that they are going to be doing boy things together (that sounds dirty, but not what I mean) I'm jealous as all fuck that they are going to be in Playa, drinking, hanging with friends, relaxing, swimming, scuba diving, drinking, and having fun. I want to be on the beach right now with a pina colada!!! Is that to much to ask? Apparently so.

Okay,,,, I'm off my little pity soap box now. This was my first very time seeing the International terminal at ABIA. So now that I have seen it (and it is a completely different way to get to the airport than the normal way off of 71) I wouldn't exactly call it a terminal... more like a large converted warehouse building. I didn't go in but I was curious to check it out. I'll have to wait for Jim to come back to tell me all about it.

3 of the 8 guys going to Mexico... Jason, Chris and Jim
On my way back from the airport, I decided that I would keep with the theme of the morning (Mexico) and I would find me a little food cart for some breakfast tacos. I passed a couple, but then I found this little gem. I didn't see a name on the truck, but it is off of North Loop and Burnet.

My two egg and potato tacos... totally full of fillings but not exactly spiced up. As in no salt or no pepper.... nada. They were darn bland and it is upsetting because these two huge freshly made tacos were $1.50 a piece. They gave me two salsas.. one green and one red. Normally I don't care for green salsas but this green salsa was the best of the two and gave it some flavor. Because this stand is near my house, I think that I'll give them a second try but they better have some flavor next time!!


Dawn said...

Mmmmmm looks delicious

Hannah said...

How was their trip???

Dana said...

the boys had a fantastic time! Lots of late nights, drinking, fishing, hanging out on the beach, and overall fun. I'm still damn jealous that I didn't get to sit on a beach for 4 days!