Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In all of my years living in Austin, I have not attended a SXSW show. I don't really have a good reason except that I have good intentions on going, but then the festival comes and goes and I don't go see a show. I have also been curious to see some of the films, but I am going to stick to music this year.

This year Jim and I took a day off to go see some shows that are hopefully free. We are limited with our show times because we have a wedding rehearsal at 6pm and we don't to be late or too tipsy. :o) I know free shows are out there, now we just have to find them. The Austinist.com ( http://austinist.com/) has been a good resource as well as the SXSW website (sxsw.com/music. ).

Is anybody planning on going or do you have any recommendations?


Dawn said...

Do you know about the free booze boat ride? I'll send you info to RSVP.

Dana said...

OOOhhhhh.... that sounds like a fantastic event!