Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Oscars

So far, I'm a fan of the Oscars this year. I thought the opening number was pretty damn funny and they don't seem to be the typical boring award show. I haven't seen much of Hugh Jackman since the beginning of the show so I can't really comment on how he did. I didn't know he could sing... did you? But what I can comment on is the dresses that were worn this year. There were a bunch of great dresses (although, it seemed like half of the dresses I liked could double as a wedding dress)

Before we get to the dresses, I just have to say FUCK YEAH!!! I'm happy that Heath Ledger won the Oscar. I thought that he deserved it because he was the Joker, he just didn't play a role, but he truly embodied that role and made it into his own. I know there are people out there that will say he won it because he passed away, but if they saw the movie then they should know that he gave a great performance. Cheers to you Heath!

Work it funny lady!!

Chick from Benjamin Button... I loved her dress, but it reminds me of a wedding dress

I think Kate is so polished and beautiful. I'm not 100% I am in love with her dress... good not great (but I love the color)

I really liked her dress (another wedding dress) but I hated her hair. It just seems that if you are going to have a huge puffy dress, you could do a little something with your hair.

Classic elegance! This dress was 60 years old.. that is what I call true fashion

Natalie was lookin good. There were mixed reviews on this dress on the various websites I went to to "borrow" these pictures, but mostly it had to do with the color. I like it enough, and I like that it was unique on the red carpet

Anne Hathaway was rockin this dress. What was with white dresses this year?

WTF. This lady has seen more plastic surgery than Micheal Jackson... okay, so maybe no Jacko, but she needs to give it a rest, she is scary

Beyonce, Beyonce Beyonce. You look like shit. Sorry.

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