Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 30th Courtney

Friday night was Courtney's surprise birthday party. She didn't any any idea, but we also dropped the ball when she walked in the door. We were all sitting around when she walked in... ummm... Surprise?!!?!! :) They got Rudy's for dinner (yum), a keg of Miller Light, various wines and other munchies. That much food and tipsy Dana should not be near each other. I always get damn hungry when I drink, and having that much food in front of me is just like a food oasis.

This is the year of the 30 year old!!! Going back to early December to May this year, I will have had 5 friends and one brother turn 30!!! HA HA SUCKERSSS!!! You're no longer in your 20's.

Matt and Courtney, the birthday gal

Me and the b-day gal
Her b-day shot of Patron

Like a champ

Courtney, me, Kelley, and Erin

Jim was two fisting it
Me, Court, and Jim

Colin and Erin... who is due in 5 weeks and looks fantastic

Krista had a little to much fun way to early and passed out in Holly's spare room by 9pm :o) So we had to fuck with her a little... I was good and didn't take an actual picture of her. Nice Dana

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