Sunday, February 08, 2009

Surprise, it's another Birthday

Matt threw Vanessa a surprise birthday party on Saturday night. He took her to dinner, and then the rest of us met up at The Madison, which is a bar downtown. This bar was pretty swanky.... looks of reds, blacks and white colors and grand chandeliers. I tried to take a picture or two of the bar, but it was to dark for my little camera. This bar was cool, up until the point half of Austin decided to visit the bar and hang out. Seriously, it was freakin horrible when we tried to leave and had to mash our bodies up against everybody to push our way through.

Matt ordered bottle service so we could reserve a table. Basically, a bar will charge you 6 times the normal amount a person would purchase a bottle for (this time it was Grey Goose for $275) so you could sit in one of their swanky tables and totally freaking rip you off as a consumer. Normally we don't do this type of thing, but I'm sure Matt did it so we could secure a table. The bottle came encased in ice and had mixers like cranberry juice, ginger ale, and club soda.

This is when Vanessa realized what was going on,,,, she was so surprised!

Matt, Chris, Lindsey and Jim

Me and Jimmy.... I regretted wearing that sweater. It was so hot upstairs at the bar and that sweater does not breath well. Plus I felt really under dressed, but I still wasn't in tip top shape from being sick and I didn't feel like getting all dolled up

Vanessa (b-day girl), me, Lindsey and Tammy

Each table had a menu that lit up... it is hard to see in this picture (Thank you John for posing with the drink menu) but as you can see in the picture below, it is quite bright. As the night went on, we would hand the menu to people just to see their reaction as they opened it. Childish? Maybe, we it made us giggle every time. :o)

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