Sunday, February 15, 2009

26.2 miles of Hell

I am assuming that running/walking 26.2 miles would be hell. I didn't actually run in this race,, I just stepped outside of our house, walked to the street and took some pictures. Every year the AT&T Marathon goes by our house. I love watching all of the runners go by, and all of their fans. It makes me feel like a total lazy ass as I'm drinking my coffee (and during one race a couple of years ago, it was a bloody mary) watching them run by. This year I walked along the street taking pictures of the runners.

I loved her hat and sign.

These are my kind of people... sitting down, sipping champagne out of some nice looking glasses, watching people run by

The race wouldn't be complete without a bumble bee

At this point, the runners have been going for 15 miles. 15 miles of running.... I can't even imagine running for that far. My knees would blow up and fall off

Look, even Santa can run in marathons!! This guy runs by our house on a weekly basis. I wonder how many kids think this is Santa during his off season

Who is that guy in the back ground?? The guy in blue?? Hmmm.... huh... looks like the hubby :) He was running for exercise... damn him.

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