Sunday, February 08, 2009

A two movie weekend

I saw more movies at the theater this weekend than I have in the last month. And the bonus is, I liked BOTH movies! :o) Jim and I went to see Taken on Friday night. This movie kicked ass.. seriously. You want a lot of action, a good story line, and suspense the entire movie? Then go see Taken. Liam Neeson was convincing as a man that has a "special set of skills" that has 96 hours to save his daughter. The movie wasn't over the top crazy with a bunch of computer generated stunts. Great Flick.

One dude flick, and one chick flick this weekend. Ashley, Lindsey and I went to see "He's just not that into you" today. This movie was cute, and about what you would expect out of this type of girlie movie. That being said, it was good. There were plenty of story lines to follow as they weaved in and out but it wasn't so confusing that you couldn't follow it. And of course, it cracked me up because any girl who has dated can relate to what a couple of the poor girls go through in the movie. And it makes you want to slap your head and think " why on earth did I ever sit and wait for my phone to ring... waiting for that guy to call".

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