Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Party

Even though our beloved Birds didn't make it into the Super Bowl, we still went to a party to watch it. We headed to the twins house to do a little drinking, a little eating, a little beer pong and a little poker. It was quite a fun day!

Getting ready for the game

me, Lindsey, Chris, John, and Jim

Lindsey, me and Tammy
Me and the hubster

Chris enjoying the 3D commercials.... I forgot to pick up my 3D glasses

John, Jim, Enoch, and Chris

Lindsey and Jackson,,,, Ashley and Jason's 4 month old

Jim wrestling with Kyndall.... Ashley and Jason's 6 year old

Awwwww.... what we would look like if we changed our minds about having kids. My arms hurt the next day from holding this little guy

Lindsey, me, Jackson, and Ashley

Beer Pong and Poker
The boys playing poker... so serious


Cute little Jackson.... don't ya just want to squeeze his little cheeks

Jimmy playing poker

Beer Pong-- Lindsey and I almost bet these guys

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