Saturday, February 14, 2009

These are awesome!

I don't know why anybody would buy store bought chocolate covered strawberries when they are soooo easy to make at home. Plus you get all the credit for making such tasty treats. :o) I bought chocolate pieces from Central Market to melt and use as the coating. I guessed when I picked the chocolate because they had like 10 different kinds. For the milk chocolate, I nuked in the microwave for a minute, then stirred. It was completely melted after I stirred it around a bit. When you microwave chocolate, the chocolate pieces don't always look as if they are melted, so don't give it another minute of nuking. The white chocolate was nuked for about a minute and a half. Once everything is melted, you can dip your strawberries into the chocolate or you can spoon it over the strawberry. Once you have your strawberry covered with chocolate, lay it on a piece of parchment paper. Then you can drizzle the other type of chocolate on the strawberries.

Chunks o chocolate

I had more chocolate than strawberries, so I made some chocolate covered pretzels. :o) What else can I cover with chocolate?? :)


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Hannah said...

Those definitely look professional and oh so yummy!

Happy Valentine's Day my friend!