Friday, February 06, 2009

My army of supplies to get me better!! I have to say this is the most medication I have taken in a long time. Of course you can't see the gazillion tissues I used, but trust me I used plenty. I had some allergy issues, that moved into my lungs, then decided to hang out and fester, then it wanted to make me cough to hard that my lungs are still pissed at me, then my body hurt and my voice took off on a vacation for a couple of days. Yuck. I'm better now, but it did kind of suck while it was going on. I tried the Theraflu liquid one night, and I felt a little better the next day. I also tried a Tylenol Day liquid one day (it was blue, not in the picture) and it didn't do a damn thing for me. In fact, I felt worse by the end of the day. But after a day sleeping on the couch, going to bed early a few nights, taking it easy, eating some soup, taking some medicine, and my nurse Chewie I am feeling much better!

I hope everybody out in cyber world is feeling okay!

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Hannah said...


I love you! Your dry sense of humor really makes me happy! =0