Sunday, May 17, 2009

We survived and kicked butt!!

We did the Muddy Buddy race this morning, and I am so proud of us!!! I'm exhausted, my legs are a little wobbly when I walk, and I'm still finding mud in various body parts but DAMN! That was totally fun and I can't wait until next year.

Jim and Nick, right after we got to the race venue

Lot's o people on race day

Before the race, clean and energized, check out our kick ass shirts!!

Me and the ladies... I really only know Christi (2nd from the left). One of my other friends, Lindsey was supposed to race, but her fiance Chris bruised some ribs and couldn't do the race.

7:30am and these guys were drinking beer.

Right before we started!! So clean :o)

Check me out! I'm at the front of the line for our group. Jim went slightly after me because he started the race running. I felt good while biking, but sucked ass while jogging.

This was one of the obstacles. You climbed up a rope cargo net on one side, then you slide down the other side. It was fairly tall and a lot of fun :o) I was hoping to take more pictures while on the race, but I had many issues. Like trying to breath while running, and trying to keep a good time. I only took 2 while I was racing and I left the camera on the bike. I had hope of taking pictures while we were in the mud, but the camera went into the mud as soon as we slid in, so it was to grimy. Oh well. I have some pictures below that show what the mud pit looks like.

This is an exchange point... at an obstacle. This is where we switched roles (if you were biking you drop off the bike and start running.... if you were running then you find the bike and go)

end of the muddy buddy race

Muddy and still smiling!! Mud got every where.... every nook and cranny in my body.

These guys raced in their costumes... it must have been so hot. There were plenty of people in costumes that ran in the race

Jim and Nick

After the race, they had a beer garten for the racers (2 free drinks). Jim and I went to shower but Nick stuck around... hence why he is still dirty and why we were clean. Well, kind of clean. It is hard to shower using a little hose with 200 other people :o)

Zach, Mona, ummm other girl, and Brian walking back to the car

We finished 34th in our group... Not happy with that, but I was happy with our time, 54 minutes. My goal was to finish under an hour so we accomplished that. During the next race (next year) I would like to finish around 48 minutes. I'll need to start running and practicing now if I can accomplish that.

The Dirty Bones

The infamous mud pit


Sarah said...

OMG!!! That's soooo funny!!! Your face looks pretty clean. :)

Sarah said...

also, you look really tanned too. Or is that just the mud?

Dana said...

LOL... I must have been tinted with mud because I haven't tanned (with exception of my legs). Right after the mud pit, they have people to spray your faces with water. Trust me, I was dirty,,, I even had mud in my teeth.. GROSS. I'm sad that I didn't get a picture, but I was more interested in getting the mud out of my mouth and eyes