Monday, May 11, 2009

Another successful photo shoot

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of my beautiful friend Mahvash. We have been trying to get together for a few months to take some photos and finally our schedules aligned on Sunday. We started out in the Arboretum then ended up on Guadalupe. I had originally planned on going to the greenbelt, but the shots in the Arboretum worked out wonderfully.

We had so much fun taking pictures. I asked her to chase the geese in the park and she agreed... I was only kidding because I didn't want her to get attacked (but those probably would have been funny ass pictures).

I love it when I have a successful photo shoot because I get excited and energized. I'm in full photographer mode now, so if you want photos taken let me know!! (You are next Shay :o)!!)


Sarah said...

she's gorgeous!! I love the black and white pic. that's my fave.

Hannah said...

Wow Dana! Mahvash looks hot, and you did a great job of capturing that Dana! I agree with Sarah, love the black and white one.

Thanks again for meeting us out the other day. It was fun!