Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Ever since I moved to Austin, I have been a fan of Rudy's. Their laid back ordering approach, their fantastic covered patio, breakfast tacos that equal most of the hole in the wall Mexican restaurants, and of course their BBQ! Our favorite meal there is a combination of lean brisket, and the St. Louis pork ribs with creamed corn and potato salad. YUM. SUPER YUM. The ribs are the reason we continue to go back time and time again. They are fall of the bone tender with a great peppery flavor. Sure here in Texas people will argue until they are blue in the face about the various types of cooking methods, whether to use BBQ sauce or a dry rub, or that you have to drive to BFE to get good BBQ. Rubbish. Why drive to the outskirts of town when you can go to Rudys?

Rudy's even saved me one night. When Jim and I got married, we had friends and family over for dinner on the Thursday before the wedding. We had people from out of town and I wanted to spend time with them before the chaos of the wedding began. So I bought a huge 8-10 pound brisket and threw it into the oven to slow cook for dinner. I had all the sides ready to go, but I seriously miscalculated the time it took the huge hunk of meat. About an hour before dinner, while Jim went to the airport to pick up my brother and his girlfriend (who he is no longer with), I checked on the brisket and noticed that it still was oozing blood and moo-ing. Hmmmm NOT good! I went in to crisis mode trying to rack my brain on what to do to feed to many people. Luckily I thought of Rudys, drove over there and picked up the brisket with sauce and had it back home in about 25 minutes. They totally saved my ass that night.

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