Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Fun

After our brunch on Sunday we decided to stay downtown and do a little window shopping. Window shopping led to a wine bar, which led to meeting up with a friend, which lead to a nice patio at a local bar. You see where this is going. It was a beautiful day (after the rain ended) so we wanted to enjoy it as much as we could.

I joke that this is the Evil Building of downtown... at night it just seems like some villain lives in the top making plans to take over the world.

Lots of beautiful fluffy clouds swirled around the sky

This is a cool modern furniture store on 2nd that I wish I could afford.

We headed over to Cork and Co to enjoy their $5 per glass wine special. They were EMPTY. But we usually like it that way (as long as the bartenders are cool) because we end up chatting with the bartender and learn cool stuff. In this case the bartender, John, was pretty damn funny so we had a good time talking to him. We ended up getting some heavy "tasting" pours as well as had an intriguing conversation about movies. For those of you in Austin, Cork and Co will begin to serve brunch in a few weeks. They have lots of ideas that they want to bring to their menu. Apparently they had a change in management, and now they want to experiment.

Matt, me and Jimmy

Jim and Matt enjoying a "Deer and a Beer" special at Cedar Door. At this point... I was all about the water. Needed to refuel and make sure I got sober to drive home :o)
Can't decide if I like this picture or not....kind of feel that it is a smidge unique.. maybe if it was at a different angle, or I played more on the horizontal lines of the roof and the vertical lines from the shadows of the chairs. I just bored you to death, didn't I. Sorry.
Ominous sky over Austin

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