Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Wine Crawl

Some friends and I decided to try out some of the wine bars in Austin on Sunday. There are a few wine bars near each other in downtown Austin, so it made it easy to park in the middle, and walk to the different establishments. We went into this with an open mind, because we didn't really know what to expect. Okay, well that isn't entirely true.. we knew we would be drinking wine, we knew we would be laughing our asses off, we knew we would have a good time. And we did all of those.

Our first stop was Cork and Co on Congress ( The bar is a decent size with two soft type seating areas at the front of the store near the windows facing Congress. The bartender was helpful with our wine selections based on what we liked. They have a good selection of $5 glasses all day on Sunday.

Jennifer, me, Ashley, Lindsey, Vanessa and Janette at Cork and Co
Our first wine of the day was served over ice with a twist of lemon. I was a little hesistant to try wine with ice, but it was very light and the squeeze of lemon added a nice depth to the flavor.

These gals are hams :o) I ran in front of them and then asked them to give me their best funky pose. I should have done this after the 4th wine bar that we visited... it probably would have been way more fun.
We went to Cru for our 2nd stop. They had a pretty fantastic deal... $15 for a 6 wine flight (3 red and 3 white) along with 6 cheeses to pair with the wine. I didn't really look at their wine menu or pricing... OOPS
Lindsey and Ashley

After Cru we headed over to Taste
one more group shot... so... not really sure what my shoulder is doing but it looks very uncomfortable
Ashley was making a phony phone call and making us all crack up.... yes we are 12, don't judge us

Ashley and Lindsey

Me and Janette

Jen and Vanessa

Vanessa strutting her stuff trying to hail a cab
A dry Riesling from Taste... Taste was okay, but not my first or 4th choice to go to. They were the most expensive out of the places that we went to and we had a super snotty waiter. He got a little sensitive when we asked why they didn't have any specials on Sunday. It is a legit question because the other 2 places we went to had really good specials. He then asked where we were headed to next, and once he heard where it was, he made the snarky comment "oh they get their wine from HEB... gross". Ummmm... I get my wine at HEB, are you saying you are gross? Big dickwad.

After Taste wine, we stopped at P.Terry's and picked up a burger before we went over to House wine. Since P.Terry's doesn't have a lot of seating (which is all outside) House wine let us bring us our burgers... thank you!! The cheese burger was pretty damn good, so were the french fries

House Wine
This was some seriously good Sangria.
This is Tina. Tina belongs to the bartender at House Wine. She is so damn adorable, and I held her for a good hour while we were at House Wine. I didn't want to give her back!

Over all, we liked 3 out of 4 bars that we went to, and we want to head back in the near future! If the boys are lucky, we'll invite them :o) I have added my 2 cents below on the bars that we visited yesterday.

Cork and Co:

Good window seating

$5 glasses all day Sunday (about 20 different wines to choose from)


Fantastic Sunday deal with the cheese and wine flight's... the selection changes weekly

Looked like they had a good menu

Nice Patio


Nice and open feel in the restaurant

Has a interesting set up where you can get tasting of wines, but they start around $2 and go up to $8... for a tasting

Out door seating

Most expensive and not sure it is worth it

House Wine

$6 Sangria Sundays... I'm in love with the Pear Mint

Casual atmosphere

I'll be back to check out their other wine

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