Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Our Sunday plans changed (boating) when the weather decided to rain so we decided to head to brunch while trying to figure out what to do with our day. We attempted to go to Traverna but they had a 45 minute wait and we were to hungry to wait. We walked down to Cru and gave them a chance. They didn't have a large brunch menu, but there were some fancy upgrades to your typical breakfast foods. Jim ordered the Huevos Rancheros and I ordered a cheese pizza with a sunny side up egg in the middle. Jim thought his meal was just okay, and honestly it didn't look like much. My pizza was very good, but I wish it was more breakfasty. My fault for ordering it, but it intrigued me. The egg was a nice addition and the little salad on top also added a nice crunch. They also had $7 unlimited mimosas, so that was a good way to get my Vitamin C for the day :). We enjoyed our meal but there are a lot of places in Austin to eat brunch so I don't know how soon we'll make it back to Cru.

Jim attempting to drink his mimosa without using his hands.... we are a classy couple.

Right after our meal on the patio we had to rush inside due to rain. It started off with an innocent sprinkling but then it got worse. They weren't very busy so we sat on the couch inside, finished off our drinks while waiting for the rain to pass. I downloaded a pretty cool application to my Blackberry to track the weather. The picture below is what the radar looked like in Austin while we were waiting for the rain to pass!

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