Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

Jim and I headed out for some drinks and food on Cinco De Mayo. We were going to start at TGI Fridays to enjoy a 5 cent appetizer BUT the location we went to was not participating in that promotion. So a big Fuck You to TGI Fridays. Their location was practically empty and probably could have benefited from a promotion that would have brought customers to your location. We left TGI Fridays and went to visit the block party down the street. We had a few beers and listened to some live music. Hunger pains settled in, so we went in search for food.

A block party wouldn't be complete without a ass shot from Leslie, the local transvestite. That bitch has a better ass than most women I know.

We decided on getting dinner at Cantina Laredo. It was the closest Mexican food restaurant to where we were. We lucked out because they were offering their Happy Hour specials until 10pm.
We ordered 3 different appetizers for dinner... all were under $5. Steak quesadilla, cheviche and chicken nachos. Their margarita was less than stellar... watered down and no real taste. It was $3 so I'll only complain a little.

One of the vendors at the block party was giving away the cowboy hats :o) On our walk back to the car, we had an impromptu photo session. As you can see, I got a little more into it than Jim did :o) But we did have fun!!

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mom said...

Pop Pop and I love the cowboy hat pictures.