Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pictures from this morning
I ventured out this morning to the Farmers Market and to walk around downtown a bit. My main goal was to get some veggies and to test out my new camera lens. I like my lens a lot and I can't wait to use it more!

At the capital I came across this car that had yarn all over it. It was amazing and very detailed.

Seriously, that's all yarn!

The owner came up while I was taking pictures so we chatted for a bit. I believe he told me that it took him years (I can't remember the exact number,,, bad brain). To keep the color bright and not grungy looking he has to take off the old yard and relay new yarn. Quite the hobby! He believes he is the only car in the world that is covered with yarn!

Today must be cool car day. I saw this car parked along a street in downtown Austin, so I stopped to take a few pictures. I love the horns on the front :o)

Austin Farmers Market- Downtown

It must be onion season, because there were a TON of onions available. Lots smelled and looked fantastic.

This mornings farmers market had quite a few vendors there today. My dumb ass only went with $6 cash, so I was limited on what I could buy. I'll be back next weekend with more cash!

I bought some spring onions, leeks and garlic chives. Yes, all in the onion family. I suppose I should have bought a better variety of goods, but these guys were calling out to me. I haven't worked with a spring onion or garlic chives before but I look forward to cooking with them. The buy I bought the garlic chives from said that they are great in scrambled eggs, but I think I'll use them then I roast some red potatoes. I'll keep you posted!

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Sarah said...

lovely pics. I didn't realize that the yarn car was SOO detailed. It looks pretty cool!