Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

We met up with Jim's parents and his sisters family. Luckily Matt's El Rancho wasn't super busy and we were seated right away (not sure if we had a reservation or not). The food was pretty good, but I was so hungry (didn't eat much at lunch) that I filled up on chips and queso. The grilled fish tacos were good, but they were way better once you used the spicy coleslaw and rice as taco fillers. We had a great night!

The Family

Ryan.. the super cute ham

This poor guy had the pleasure (or displeasure) of sitting across from me at dinner. Lucky for me, it didn't seem liked he cared that I kept taking photos of this little guy. Ryan had just put a big piece of chicken wrapped in a french fry in his mouth.

Dawson, the oldest nephew

Mmmmmm... queso

Jamie and Dawson

Caden showing me his balloon sword

Artsy fartsy photo.... taken at House Wine. Jim and I went there after Matt's El Rancho to have a glass of wine and to listen to some live music

House Wine
Jim drove home and I was playing with the camera.... damn truck bounced around to much :)

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