Saturday, May 09, 2009

See that gadget to the left?

That is something I added on the blog because they were nice enough to find me on Flickr, contact me about a photo, and published one of my photos on their website. It was a picture of the Farmers Market, and if you ask me it wasn't even a good photo. And, if you blink you'll miss it because it is in a streaming photo loop. Oh.. and I wasn't paid either. So you might ask why I'm excited... cause I got PUBLISHED. Kinda cool if you ask me. Do I think this is going to lead to other photography jobs or becoming famous.... NO. But I wish it would :)

The website is kind of cool, like a map quest with photos of various events around town as well as a history of the venue, event or area. You can even create a map to share with family, friends or potential clients. Check it out.

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