Monday, May 25, 2009


I had last Saturday to myself, so went out to play with my new lens, do a little shopping and try out the South Austin Trailer park for lunch. I had a good day and accomplished a lot!

I found the most perfect shirt at a vintage shop on S. Congress. It was a pearly snap shirt with two Eagles on the front. The Eagles look VERY similar to the Philadelphia Eagles logo. I was way bummed when I saw that it was a small and wouldn't fit Jim. Since it is a vintage shop, they only had one. Booo!

I had a choice between burgers and tacos at the South Austin Trailer Park. It is literally a plot of land with a few food trailers and a knit knack shop with lots of benches with umbrellas to enjoy the food and atmosphere.

I decided to eat at Shuggies because I have had Torchys before and already love them. I couldn't really decide on one burger so I picked the sampler slider's which I thought was a good way to try a few things! One burger was the classic with cheese, one had Gouda cheese with BBQ sauce and the last burger had blue cheese and a horse radish sauce. All burgers came with onions, lettuce and tomato's. The burgers were cooked well and had tasty little buns and all had distinctive tastes. I thought the blue cheese and horseradish sauce burger was a little over the top since the two toppings are both strong flavors. If they cut it back a bit then I would have enjoyed it a lot more because I love me some blue cheese!! I wasn't super hungry so I didn't order the fries, but I'll be back to test those out! I did order the lemonade and really enjoyed it. To often I find lemonade fake tasting or way to tart so I don't order it often when we go out. Overall, it was a great experience!

This was a cute little shop, in a trailer, that was near the food trailers. They had all sorts of neat gift type items! They also had another little trailer that had sweets... I kept away from that trailer so I wouldn't be tempted :o)

Couldn't resist adding a Chewie picture..... isn't he adorable!

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