Sunday, November 30, 2008

My top 5 obsessions

I've been tagged by Kelly and Hannah to list my top 5 obsessions. Hmmmm. I don't think this will be easy cause it can be as simple as my obsession for anything peppermint to finding new recipes and perfecting them. I also think my obsessions change daily so I'll go with some more meaningful obsessions.....

1. Getting the perfect shot. I love about 2% of the pictures that I take and I like about 20% of the pictures that I take. Taking the perfect shot is a little talent, is a little equipment, and a lot of luck. Whether it is getting everybody to smile and keep their eyes open at the same time, or if it is getting the picture of the squirrel sitting in your carved Halloween pumpkin ( I was about 5 seconds away from getting that photo,,,, damn rodent ran away before I could get the shot).

2. Travel. I haven't travelled as much as I want, but i am constantly looking for a new place to visit. I want to see it all and experience it all. My next trip is to Philly/Jersey and NY with my momma! My goal is to go on at least two trips per year, and I would prefer if we visit at least one new place each year.

3. My husband and my kids. Nuff said.

4. Making my mom smile. Whether it is with my work/life stories or if it is through this blog, I love to make my mom smile. I was taught by the best when it comes to ruling my world and making sure I get what I want. Okay, that sounds a little horrible, but what I mean is that she gave me the shopping bug. When I see something I want, I know I have to get it or I'll obsess about it. And she also passed along her ability to love the most expensive shoes on the sales floor. Damn, I hate that talent. Mummy is the same way :o) And how else can I thank my mom for teaching me all of the fabulous cuss words like fuck-tard, fong, balls, shit-balls, and many many more. It makes my day when I know I have made my mom smile and laugh.

5. This is a new obsession but I'm not sure I can call it an obsession quite yet. I was introduced to Triple Espresso infused Vodka a few days ago. I only had it once, but I am telling everybody how freakin wonderful it is. I love coffee and I enjoy drinking, so this one product gives me the best of both worlds. My sister in law just gave me a gift certificate to Twin Liqueurs for my birthday, and I know EXACTLY what I'll be getting with it!! :o)

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Hannah said...

What great obsessions!!! I love that your obsessed with making your Mom smile..What a fun mom!