Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This was a good turkey day. We started our festivities on 6th street on Weds night. Jim and I like going out the night before because most people are friendly, lots of drink specials, and not a lot of people are out. We started at the Dizzy Roster, which was just ehh so we headed out to a bar that we seem to have good luck at, Shakespeare's. This is a little dingy bar on 6th street, but for what ever reason we always have a great time here. Wednesday night was no different. They had good specials, they weren't very busy, and the bartenders were cool. After a bit of banter (which included Jim explaining on how to spot Aggies on the street), we ended up getting a few free tastings. One of which might just be my favorite new drink.... Triple Espresso infused Vodka. Really. Seriously. Yummy. We also found out that there is such a thing called Honey flavored Jagermeister. It tasted just like honey.. which I like but not sure about an adult drink. We stayed there a couple of hours before we headed to another bar to play air hockey, which is one of my favorite games!!!

Thanksgiving day went off without a hitch. It was just Jim and I (my family is out of town, and we were meeting with his on Sunday) so we had our own dinner. Turkey with all of the fixings. I wish I had bought a larger turkey, because we didn't' have many left overs :(. Next time I'll get a larger bird. Not only did we have a great dinner (that I totally got stuffed then felt sick) but our two teams, UT and the Eagles, also won their games! Yahhhoooo!

6th street, the night before Turkey Day

Air Hockey... Jim won most games... damn it.

Me and the kids. Normally they lay here in the doorway while I cook.
Turkey... yummmmm!!!

Our fantastic Turkey day meal

Taylor and Chewie received some scrambled eggs for Thanksgiving.
It was my 21st birthday the day after Thanksgiving. We didn't do much for my b-day, just a nice dinner. Thanks to all of my friends that wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me some cool gifts like cookies shaped like adult drinks and a gift certificate from Starbucks. Sweeeeeettt!

Lunch with Jim's family
Ryan (nephew) and I... this little guy is always smiling.

Dawson reading a book that his grandmother (my MIL) gave him

Ryan is doing a little dance for us :o)

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