Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Shizzzzz...

Top Chef's new season starts on Weds!!! Hell yeah!
If you like a cherry limeade from Sonic, you'll enjoy this new beverage! It is hard to find, but I found it at HEB (but then they didn't have it the next time I went back) and I found it at a CVS. Seriously good stuff.
If you are in San Marcos and you have a craving for a good hamburger, then head over to the Tap Room. It isn't that easy to find but it is off of the square and you have to enter it through the back parking lot. The hamburgers are huge and juicy and they have 42 beers on tap for decent prices (a pint of Pyramid Apricot was $3.50 and a 23 oz Stella was $4.25).

I couldn't help but notice as I bought these treats for the kids that the package claims it is Filet Mignon taste. Hmmmm... I'm a big fan of steak, but I'm not going to try this damn treat. Perfect advertising since they can say what they want and know that a human isn't going to try it to see if it really tastes like a filet mignon.

We shipped back 4 bottles of wine from Sonoma County and enjoyed one a few days ago. This was a dry but slightly fruity Syrah. You can buy Taft Street at Specks. Yummy!

This is mostly for my family that knows about Scrapple. Scrapple is kind of like spam or a hot dog. Mystery meat, but is enjoyed by quite a few people. I finally tried it last year, and i have to say not bad and seasoned like sausage. I'm glad that I tried it, but I won't be eating it again. Nobody will tell me what is in it, and I am completely okay with that.

To get the "ribs" for my Corpse Bride costume, I bought a kids skeleton costume. It was an extra large, and my ass barely fit into it. I chased the dogs around a bit before I almost passed out from lack of air. That mask had little holes to breath through.

Little Miss Taylor

Birds eye view of Chewie

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