Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I do this every time and yet I don't learn

When it comes to getting stuff done, I usually wait until the last minute. In this case, I leave for my Jersey/NY/Philly trip with my mom on Saturday morning (7:05am... YIKES).

Here is my list of things to get done before Friday night....

  • a couple loads of laundry
  • figure out what I am going to wear and what I need to take on my trip
  • pack enough warm clothes (temps will range from 34 to 40 during the day and 25-32 at night) and make sure I leave a lot of room for stuff that I might buy
  • make Jim a dinner or two to heat up while I'm gone... I don't want him to eat take out and frozen pizza the entire time I will be gone.
  • Paint my ragged nails and pray they don't chip on the first day
  • figure out if I am going to rent a fish eye lens to take with me
  • figure out where we are going to eat while in NY
  • make sure all of my batteries for the camera's are charged and ready to go
  • figure out what I am going to wear to a friends black and white birthday party downtown on Friday night. I realize that going to a party the night before leaving for a vacation at an insanely early time is probably not the best idea, but I'm gonna do it. Sorry mom, I might look like total ass when you pick me up at the airport :o) but after my first cheesesteak I'll regain my strength
  • Buy a couple of little travel size liquid holders for shampoo and conditioner
As I type this post, I realize I have a shit load to do and I know that I'll probably think of 5 or 6 more things to do before I leave. I forgot to mention that I am also making a breakfast casserole to take with me to a work meeting tomorrow. Why I decided to make it is beyond me... but I guess it sounded good.

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