Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fresh delicious food

I am a big sandwich fan, I can eat them all of the time. I do not discriminate, I'll eat anything from a PB and J to a cheesesteak. YUUUUMMMMM! I don't care if they are called a sandwich, hoagie, grinder or a panni. Okay, you get the idea, I like sandwiches. Last week Sarah and I ate at a cafe called Food Heads. Food Heads is a cute little home turned restaurant near UT (and more importantly near my favorite new store, Strut) with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The counter/menu area is a little cramped so I suggest you take a look at their online menu before you go so you have a good idea of what to order. You should also pick two different menu items because I noticed that 2 or 3 sandwiches were "sold out" when we visited there.

I decided to order something that i have never had before.... a Tuna Nicoise (chunk tuna with tomato, roasted potatoes, green beans, red onions, lettuce, boiled egg and dijon on a crusty roll). I have been wanting to make this salad for a really long time, so I thought I would try the sandwich version. I really enjoyed the sandwich. It was slightly hard to eat because my green beans kept falling off and the bread had a nice crust on it which made it hard to take dainty little bites. I did not regret my selection! Sarah ordered the chicken and eggplant, which was my second choice. Sarah said her sandwich was very tasty! We both did the special which was half sandwich and soup. We both ordered the Chicken Tortilla,,, very tasty! I originally wanted the onion soup but they were out :( Both of our sandwiches came with a little side of coleslaw (about 3-4 fork full bites). I couldn't put my finger on what they put in their coleslaw to give it a unique taste, but it was very good.

You will spend a little more for this lunch (think around $7.50 - $9.50 including drink) but it makes for a delicious splurge for lunch!

Food Heads
616 W 34th StAustin, TX 78705(512) 420-8400

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