Thursday, November 06, 2008

4 Couples.... 4 Engagements..... and a whole lotta wine

Last weekend we attended a party that was thrown for our newly engaged friends (well, some of them were engaged months ago). Matt and Vanessa put this awesome party together at a wine store where they know the owner. This wine bar sells wine by the bottle, but you can also purchase a glass and enjoy it at the location. They are not a full bar, but they also have beer. They choose 6 different wines for us to enjoy that night, and almost all were very good! I am a white wine drinker, so I stuck with the white wines. I fell in love with a sweet white wine (I can't remember the name right now) and I'll be back to buy a bottle because it was only $15 for the bottle.

Out of the 4 couples that got engaged, we are good friends with 3 of the couples. The 4th couple are friends, but we only see them a few times a year. Jim is going to be a groomsman in two of the weddings (Chris' and Johns).

The four couples.... Chris and Lindsey, Charlie and Jen, John and Tammy, Chris and Whitney

Everybody bellying up to the bar

Most of the wine party

Matt and Vanessa, the gracious hosts

Lindsey and Chris
Me and the hubby... we are both a slightly different in this photo than our normal life... can you figure out what it is??? I have straight hair and Jim doesn't have facial hair. I recently bought a knock off Chi iron so I can straighten my hair more often. And Jim shaved his facial hair off for Halloween, since the Joker didn't have facial hair, neither could Jim :o). The last time he shaved his facial hair off was a week before our wedding for Halloween. He was Maverick from Top Gun and of course they didn't have facial hair so Jim shaved it. I was slightly pissed that he shaved it off because it was a week before the wedding when he did it. I was worried about our wedding photos because he looks so different without the hair. His hair grew back, so it all worked out =).

The ladies... Lindsey, Vanessa and I. I'm wearing heels and Lindsey is wearing flip flops and I'm still the shortest.

Jim, John and Chris
There were a few plates of cheese, fruit, olives and nuts around the store. Those little cubes of cheese and green olives kept calling to me all night to eat them. Damn them!

After the party was over at the Wine place, we went back to Matt and Vanessa's to enjoy some more adult beverages, play on the Weii, and play a little Sex in the City game. Okay, only the ladies played the Sex in the City game. However, when a boy walked through the living room they would always stop and try to answer the question. :o)

I bonded with Vanessa's dog, Kaiser

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