Saturday, November 29, 2008


I met up with Tiffany for lunch on Saturday at Maru (on Burnet Road near 40th st). This was one of those times that I was trying to expand my horizons. I ate raw fish. Yes I did and I didn't spit it out as soon as it hit my lips. I know I am WAY behind the times but I guess I am just a late bloomer. I have done the veggie type sushi, but I have stayed away from the raw fish. I had read some decent reviews on Maru so we thought we would try it out. The service was slow but we were chatting away so we didn't' really notice until we had to wait for the bill. I ordered the Tiger Roll with Miso soup. The tiger roll had tempura shrimp, crab (I think), cucumber, with spicy tuna on top. The tuna was.... odd. It was slightly mushy and felt (in my mouth) like it was chopped up. And maybe it was supposed to be like that, I have no idea. Tiffany ordered the Philadelphia roll, which has cream cheese, salmon and avocado. It was pretty tasty, and her fish was totally different. It was nice a firm. I'll say that this lunch was a success and I look forward to continue to grow my culinary experiences.

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