Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breakfast on the Eastside

This morning was one of those mornings that seemed right to find a new place to eat breakfast. We probably go out to breakfast on Sundays once or twice a month. Sometimes it is simple breakfast tacos and sometimes it is a full sit down breakfast. We wanted to try a new place for breakfast, so we went to Juan in a Million. I have heard about them for years but haven't tried them out. I checked on and found quite a few good reviews. There were a decent amount of breakfast items to order, I went with the simple Migas and Jim ordered the Machacado Con Huevo. I was impressed with Jim's dish, very good! Mine were Migas, plain and simple. Next time I'll order the "Don Juan" El Taco Grande. Based on the menu I thought it was a glorified breakfast taco, but another table ordered it and it looked fantastic. Sure it seemed like a breakfast taco, but it was HUGE with lots of filling. Our waiter was attentive and made sure my coffee and our water's stayed full. He also gave Jim a mini Spanish lesson on how to correctly say what he ordered (Machacado). :o) He was nice and kept the gringo's happy.


Machacado Con Huevo


Hannah said...

Yelp is a very cool website I didn't know about!!

Dana said...

I was introduced to Yelp by some hip friends of mine. A great way to find new places around Austin. I also used it to find places in San Fran to eat.