Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bunch of repairs

Today is my second day of sitting at home while a repair man fixed something. The first repair guy was from ATT. I ordered ATT for home Internet service and home phone but it wasn't working at all. After a call to customer service I had a repair man scheduled to come out the next day. He came out and had it fixed within 45 minutes. Something wasn't connected right... he didn't really go into details with me, which is fine with me. I will say that I called twice to ATT customer service and both times I received very pleasant and helpful representatives. Since I work for the company, I was ready to get their names and numbers in case they weren't helpful. My account doesn't indicate that I am an employee so I knew they were treating me like everybody else. Kudo's to ATT for fixing the issue and being nice to me in the process.

My second repair man is from Direct TV. Apparently they changed the type of dish that they use, so we needed a new one. However.... the new dish is a lot bigger and they said that they couldn't put it on our metal roof. Pufft. They gave us the option of putting the dish in our back yard on a pole... as in the MIDDLE of our backyard on a pole. WTF?? We are lucky and have a large backyard and the last thing I want to do it put a fuckin 4 foot poll with a dish on it in the middle of it. We sent the repair guy packing telling him that we would suffer with the smaller dish (which isn't giving us all of our channels). Then we found out that they could put the dish of a tri-pod that we could put on our patio. Which might sound just as bad, but we have a part of our patio that wraps around the house that we don't use.

Direct TV is back out today, but guess what??? They said they can now put the dish on the roof. WTF?? It is going to charge us to put it up there, but I am totally happy with paying $125 to put it a little higher on our roof (the stupid pole idea would have cost us $75). The repair guy is on the roof now putting it up there.... hopefully it doesn't slide off :o). I called and complained to Direct TV and they gave us a year free of HD (which is a total of $120). The credit makes this easier to deal with (and kind of pays for the install) but I still had to take a few hours off of work, and Jim took another few hours off of work to deal with these guys.

All in all, the repair men haven't totally annoyed me, but I am over getting stuff working at our house. Hopefully we can go another few months before we have to do more repair type stuff!

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