Monday, September 15, 2008

Run the ball.... Throw the ball.... get a touch down!!!

Tonight is a big game..... My Eagles vs the Cowgirls. This is a big game for a couple of reasons...... Jim's fantasy football game is hinging on McNabb scoring at least 40 points (which is do-able if they play well), Eagles and the Cowgirls are predicted to do well this season so of course we want the Eagles to win (more bragging rights), and because I talk plenty of shit to all of the freakin Cowgirl fans that I know. Talking shit is dangerous territory since the cowgirls have a pretty good team (it pains me to type that) but the Eagles have a strong team as well. So I am sitting here enjoying a cerveza screaming at the TV to help the Eagles score lots of points against the Cowgirls, and so that the Cowgirls go down in flames. For those of you in Austin, you just might hear me screaming :o)

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