Thursday, September 04, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

My Labor day weekend was spent doing a little of everything. I worked a little, I painted a little, I hung curtains, I cleaned, I cooked, I laughed, I spent time with friends, I cooked even more for the boys, I hung out at a lake house, I sat in Lake Buchanan and enjoyed the sun, I played with my dogs, I watched a little reality TV, I saw Tropic Thunder, I forgot I put a bottle of wine in the freezer to get it cold faster, then I forgot about it, I found out that I really like Nicole's avocado and tomatillo salsa/dip, and was annoyed by the acorns falling from the tree onto the roof above the bedroom. :o) Whew! I was busy!

Here are some pictures...

Almost done!! The brisket was fantastic,,,, juicy and tender

Cute little shell I found on the beach

The store of Lake Buchanan

Nick playing the guitar

Jim smoking/grilling our first HUGE brisket. I think our brisket was around 8-9 pounds.

Using my empty glass to take a picture using a different view

Nick looking for the lost washer (the game piece, not the big mechanical device we use to wash our clothes :o) )
Checking the draft boards the next day

Dock by the lake
Chris and Jim
Lindsey and Chris

Jim's fantasy football draft board

The "den" before... more after pictures in a different post

The ladies over for dinner

Yummy Rolled Chicken Breasts.... recipe to follow in a different post
Roasted pork loin... came out a bit dry but not terrible

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