Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't sit still.....

I'm sitting her watching the Eagles/Cowgirls game on Tv while texting two friends, surfing the Internet for a peach recipe, but that wasn't enough. I felt the need to leave a post. :o) I just had to say that I did a stupid thing... I erased pictures off of my little camera without downloading them. I think this may have been the first time that I have done that (no, I wasn't driving Mom. It was at a stop light) . I was in the car with the camera and I deleted pictures thinking that I downloaded the pictures . It wasn't until they were deleted that I remembered that my computer freaked out and wouldn't download the pictures. I had some pictures of a couple of recipes that I was going to blog about (a pulled pork sandwich and a corn/bean/salsa dip) as well as the first Sunday of football at the house. We had 5 guys come over to watch 5-6 hours of football. I like all of the guys so I really enjoying having them come over. So I have learned my lesson,,,, DO NOT DELETE unless you are sure the pictures have been downloaded!

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